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First rehearsal Omegalpha Ztt08 - a christmas crime film comedy

All persons and actions are fictitious.
(Whether you the really are is a all other question!)
All locations in Switzerland are likewise entirely fictitious.
All any language barriers have been shorthand abrogated!

Prologue - prologue

Action twam asi - These are you, it are a part of the absolute. Indian philosophy

Publishing company office of Newbook, 24th of December, 2007

Leonard Newbook sat at his overflowing desk and slowly cursed his unblessed plan, about the holidays ahead to peck away to look through this heap of manuscripts around at least one book ready for press from it. Here and there he had turned the leaves sporadically through different manuscripts, most, however, shaking the head, with the remark: Back to the author, put aside. In the rarest cases he gave to himself generally still the trouble to read an ex-pose from the beginning up to the end. He had developed own methodology which consisted in beginning on a by chance opened side with the reading. If then him the reading interests, he read the beginning, the end and between in it still a little. Most manuscripts came out with him, however, seldom about the by chance opened sides. Rachel, his secretary and the foreign language assistants had gone all already early in the afternoon home. Reproachfully he had looked at them all. He had wished happy Christmas nobody! He hated these holidays! Mawkishness!, he scolded himself. Disapprovingly he pushed a pile of manuscripts of the desk. Should another burrow itself, nevertheless, by these catchpenny mountains! He got up, stepped to the window and looked at the silently trickling snow. The for Christmas illuminated streets far below, lay under a thick snowy ceiling buried. Even a Santa Claus trudged by the snow. Sometimes he already felt like old Scrooge. Careworn and suppressed. The mind of the Christmas! What he would probably bring to him? More from notion, because as that he had heard something, he turned round and saw how the door slowly pushed on.
"Glad Christmas, Mr. Newbook! ", said a gentle women's voice and he looked in a revolver mouth. you want
"What? ", he barked, in spite of his fear of the weapon, the woman who stood in the door.
"I want that you listen to me! "
"I am no psychiatrist! ", he returned viciously. "Walking you!"
behind the woman two men appeared who stared at him with chill view, however, said no computer word. The woman pushed in the room, dropped heedlessly her woollen cape and sat down, the revolver undauntedly on Newbook directed, before his desk in the visitor's armchair. Both shapes which coming with her in the room which lean and in a gangling way, other corpulently with bull nape, composed themselves on the leather sofa they to his argue stood and fixed him with stiff view. you are
"Who? ", Newbook asked and contemplated amazed the woman.
"The mind of the Christmas! ", she answered. "These both minds there", them nodded in the direction of both men, "Would like to get to know you, do not believe me, rather!"
Newbook grinned because he had thought just to the mind of the Christmas, however, the grin passed to him fast again, in view of the revolver mouth and in view of the situation in which he was.
"Putting you to itself please!", said the woman and waved with the gun. Their tender, slender shape was in a narrow, black tube dress which deep cutting rose almost up to the navel. A black hat with a top veil which rose up to the nose covered her features and only to her more sensually red mouth was to be recognised by the face.
Newbook composed itself, in tense expectation and, nevertheless, entrancedly, in his office armchair. you want
"What really?" Newbook felt uneasy.
"Dignity you cook please tea!", the woman turned to the men. "This is getting dark long." The men rose and acted as called. "I already said you what I want!", she answered his question and pulled from her pocket a pile of paper out.
"I am a publisher!", stuttered Newbook. I know
"This", it returned essentially."You Contemplates it as a torture by an unpleasant author. One must force some publishers probably with the gun to the reading of a manuscript! " Without lowering the revolver, her eyes rested on the paper and they started to read:


"This were still times! "

"You should not eat him better!", said the snake and looked them reproachfully. nevertheless, "You know how unyielding HE is in such things!"
"Oh thus a small bite will not certainly damage - and generally - HE has not said me it also directly. HE has said it Adam - and, nevertheless, you know yourself how Adam always listens!"
The snake shook the head and looked even more reproachfully than it was possible."This HE will make to me the reproach! the fact that I have not held you from it!"
"Oh already coming! What want you also to do to hold me from it? Possibly forth meandered coming and furiously hiss? Till then I have eaten him three times! " Thoughtfully she contemplated the apple in her hand. Up to now she had not dared to pick him of the tree. "I have the impression that Adam is bored with me! Looks day after day after the vegetables - what is also a little stupid. Nevertheless, there grows everything of Itself! Recently I told him about two monkeys who have loused themselves for hours. I said him, I wished, he would louse me sometimes so. He looked me briefly and shook the head - and do you know what he has said? " She looked the snake angrily and it shook, in the absence of vocabulary in view of such an emotional outburst, helplessly the head. "Nevertheless, you have no lice!"

The snake laughed, converted the laughter in a hurry in cough slightly and cleared the throat move themselves."Your human are funny people. Here there you romp around in the paradise, everything has and the only condition is that you should not eat apples from this tree here and I should guard him specially! And you want just this apple. If I know as a snake that a little bit is not well for me, as for example...", the snake looked for an example and scratched with the tail carat the head: "Frogs! Because some should be toxic, then I give up it! "Triumphing looked them at the woman who still played with the apple.
"Yes, but you have one day seen a snake who has come in a frog? "
The snake thought a moment, then she shook the head."Do not move directly", she murmured."I ask you! Hang this apple there and is glad about the fact that you lead thus an unconcerned life!"
"Adam has not belonged certainly properly! Nevertheless, is stupid anyhow! What distinguishes this apple, for example, from there? " She pointed to an apple in another tree and then shook the head: "If it is only about the principle, shouts the ban, - when Adam has belonged generally properly - however, almost after violation. HE composes me here in this garden and Adam then says me always what HE has said. Supposedly!" she still added.
The snake looked the woman in amazement: "Why supposedly?"
"Sometimes I think, Adam thinks up the things: HE has said YOU should wash away! HE has said: You should act what I say! Do you find not a little strange that HE does not speak with me? Who has instructed you then to guard this tree - and generally, you have slept also quite firmly when I have you awake-shaken! I wanted to ask you even whether you have seen Adam because he has not said me what he wants to have to the dinner. You have immediately hissed and said, I leave the fingers of these apple! Who has instructed you?!
The snake noted embarrassed that she had slept really deeply and firmly when it was poured on rudely. Nobody had the idea even to touch apples! "HE", she said hissing.
"Who HE?"
"Of The creators!"
"HE has instructed you personally?"
The snake nodded enthusiastically and then stopped short a little."This is already so long!"
"Exactly! To me already does not occur sometimes more what I should cook! All variations already been there! Adam can say me what HE has said what I should cook!"
The snake laughed amused and when this struck her, she acted again as if she had a fit of coughing which was not difficult for her at all because she suppressed the laughter. "And what you want to say Adam if you eat the apple? "
"I does not want to eat him at all! Why you talk permanently of the fact that I should not eat him? I do not know at all what should be in this apple in it! But!" She stopped short and looked the snake."Why HE has put then this tree here? "Excitedly led them her thoughts to an end. nevertheless, "This is an experiment! Or?"
The snake twitched with the tail and surely looked embarrassed: "I do not believe!" HE said: "I should keep each from eating apples from this tree!"
Concentrated the snake thought: "This I do not know any more, I believe it something dealt with knowledge!" You scratched with the tail the scales between the eyes once more and became more and more sullen. you do not know
"And then it any more?" The woman laughed and contemplated the apple which hung radiant red, before her on a branch."I have just the knowledge that I have already done here everything to eat except, an apple of this tree! You have brought me on an idea!"
The snake stared shattered at the woman: "This you may not act!"
"Why not? Maybe HE wants to test whether I am clever enough to ignore a ban or to give up it stupidly enough!"
"Or wisely enough to give up and to do it stupidly enough!", hissed the snake. HE has put
"Why this tree then here? HE could simply have left out him that the possibility not even exists!"
"With it you respect him!", said the snake conscientiously.
"We respect here everything - His creation, the food, the river, but, nevertheless, he must have any plan with us!"
The snake twitched again with the tail: "You should be happy here!"
", Otherwise, nothing?", the woman looked the snake sorrowfully."Otherwise, nothing?"
"Letting, nevertheless, finally, sometimes the fingers of the apple!.", hissed the snake whom with the sight of the apple, around which the woman her hands had laid became quite nervous. Sweat pearls watered her scales and horrified it looked at the apple handle which stuck yet certainly in the branch. "Taking, nevertheless, please, finally, the fingers of the apple!.", she licked quite beseechingly. With quiet sighing the woman stroked the apple, laid protecting her hands around him and wanted to let go already him when a mighty voice sounded through the valley and she allowed to wince.
"Eva! Eva. Where does food remain?"
You stared horrified at the apple in her hand, turned to the walking and had the last look at the snake."Apple compote!.", she said triumphing and threw the apple laughing in the air."Adam does not notice anyway what coming on the table!"

"Mr. if you read this here,
tear to yourselves the clothes of the body, until you are a naked,
hop three times right away up and down and, besides, shout:
"Libertà libertà libertà".
Then you dress calmly again,
as far as this is possible and the confused persons present ask for sewing things.

Course book Distant hypnosis: Will communication transmission
Morgul Mahound

Outdoors the bumpy storms of an ice-cold December night the surging snowy masses whirled around. The whole world seemed to sink under a thick carpet of thick, shining snowy masses. A stormy wind raved around the house, however, the viewer of the spectacle who stretched himself out on a comfortable, level couch, beside a flickering fire in the chimney, with a guitar on the lap, looked contently by the gigantic windows at the snow flurry. With this storm somebody would hardly venture on the dangerous trip to make a way a way by the snowy masses.
Finally, the long desired rest, although he almost was bored, as he admitted in petto, for a few days. New inspirations, new songs, the thousands of humans for melting away should bring, had not coming to him yet. He spent most time, so it seemed to him, outstretched on the sofa, on the snow flurry staring. Every now and then he reached for the guitar, plucked a few cadences, paused and listened in to the yelp of the wind. Finally, he broke out in a laughter: "Now my goodness, I already talk with the wind."
The idea had been wonderful to rest a few days on the remote property. When had he been alone the last time generally? Apart from the last week in which he had put down even the phone and had made a gigantic curve around the television room or the computer arrangement. No television, no radio or Internet - no new information, only the whistle and yelp of the wind. He could not remember this! Robbie van Winterblum smiled with the thought, like the human grape from manager, producers, to dancers, critics, fans and women in view of his disappearance wild speculations would clerk. His manager had certainly already found out where he stayed, however, the blizzard also stopped him from disturbing the rest. Stockard Darius had cooked surely only about his disappearance before fury, then had poured a few vodka Martinis in itself and had consoled itself, finally, with one of his countless friends. The clattering howl of the wind let Robbie shudder, he got up, poked the fire in the chimney, poured out himself a cognac and remained, after a short raid stand by the house, once more before the gigantic windows to look out. The night had swallowed just totally the murky light of the dusk. Where the thoughts carry one at such a storm night. Now not for love nor money he would want to trudge by this storm! He switched on the outside lighting which illuminated usually gracile sculptures, now shapeless snowy heaps in the garden. Subdued light sent weak rays in the whirling flake showers. How dark the nights were here in winter! He decided to pull a few more of the countless rounds by the pool, to take one more sauna and a meal maybe to find himself then presumably once more, with a glass of cognac in the hand, before the same window, on the couch.
The pool was a wonderful arrangement. In the midst of the numerous plants and plants, a crass contrast to the jangling outside temperatures. The house supervisor well looked after everything how he noted now for the first time. Robbie put on one of his favorite discs, stripped his clothes, jumped headlong in the pool and pulled his rounds.
for an artist is a back meditation on itself the rest. To scoop the strength from itself. To be ready by virtue of around, to position itself to new challenges, it went to him by the head when he climbed about 1 hour later at which he had completely concentrated upon the swimming again from the washbasin. As erodedly I felt, after all months by countless clubs, television broadcasting stations, parties and countries. The challenge will be to find yet the ultimative sound.
A song about the death maybe. The last recording one under snowy avalanches buried. Robbie laughed before himself, slipped over jeans and a T-shirt to himself and minced singing in the kitchen: "Darkness surrround you! What has happend? The air is stuffy! Where ares you?"
a view in the fridge.
"No space to move, her poor bicycle broads! No sound to hear! Or, one has to say here what, Miss cauliflower?" A view in the deep freezer.
"Shift in a coldness cage. Feel your stiggy tongue, unable to cry. Panic and fear, paralysis your brain,
no, better no meat."
freezer to, new view in the fridge.
"And in evil thought tells you," the fridge slammed,"You ares of borer reeds alive ones, burried alive ones!" he had landed
with the last composition, nevertheless, again at the bar, laughed at the failed ultimative top hit, - besides, he could offer this at most to a Death Metal tape - and got himself to pour out himself a cognac. The fire in the chimney had almost went out and thus he got down to it to bring it again in corridor. Deepened in the activity, he pricked up the ears in amazement. He listened in the silence. Nevertheless, there what was!
"Is there anybody in there?.", a harmonious melody sounded. What did this melody remind him only of? "Is there anybody in there?"
A door bell melody! Somebody rang!
"With this storm rings, it seems, already the wind!.", he murmured before himself, the new-aflame fire poked once again and sauntered in a space beside the hall in which the video monitoring system of the area, phones, computers, faxes and the control of the outside arrangements were accommodated. A whole heap of faxes had already landed on the floor. Robbie wasted no view on it and tried under the buttons for the monitor to find that of the outside gate.
Once more there sounded the door bell: "Is there anybody in there?"
"Is Here inside somebody.", he murmured before himself."Asking to itself only who is there outdoors." Finally, he had found the right monitor if the cameras functioned generally still."Is there anybody in there?.", the door bell did not seem to stop at all.
"Who to the devil rings here in the storm?.", Robbie hissed and tried on the blurred monitor images to recognise something. All at once the curiosity had packed him who could be there. He wiped about the monitor away as if he could away-sweep with it the snowflakes in the lens. The door bell did not give up her efforts. On the indistinct images vague contours of a person were to be recognised if the spot was generally a sort of a human. Finally, the speech key for the outside gate coming to him in the sense and he pressed the button: "Yes?"
."Hello! to understand hardly.", an indistinct voice, in the howl of the storm, sounded from the loudspeaker: "Being there somebody?" Robbie had to laugh in view of which similarity of the computer words with the text of the door bell melody. A joke of some of his musician's friends. here
"Yes, is somebody.", he roared back."What want you?" you leave
"Request me in.", if a voice is valid by the howling wind. He was not able to say whether these were men or women's voice. Once again there sounded the door bell: "Is there anybody in there?"
"Request, let in me I freeze to death!.", the voice shouted once more..", Otherwise, will have to do you tomorrow with the snowy shovel maybe a stiffly frozen corpse road shovels.", howled them by the storm."Let in them me!" The door bell announced her message once more Robbie grinned at him macabre joke with the snowy shovel.
"Why I still hesitate, actually?" Even as he operated the counter for the outside gate, the wind about the camera lens away-swept away, whirled the snowflakes and released the images.
"Jesus Christ!.", it slipped out him.
"My God, do you not want to let in me?.", the voice shouted by raving of the storm.
He put down the counter of the outside gate and hoped that the gate is strong enough to swing up itself in spite of the snowy masses.
"Come up already.", Robbie to the gearshift roared, shook in both directions not to see the gate furthermore closed. "It has frozen. Wait!.", he shouted by the outside speech arrangement to the unexpected visitor to, had the last dumbfounded look at the monitor images and hurried from the room in the garage. There was only a possibility the outside gate to get open! Robbie caught to himself a steel catena which, as he knew, in the garage was to be found, she threw in the Landrover and opened with the radio control the garage gate. This groan and crunching of the hinges which fought against the snowy masses, was clear to horn. They created it, at least, so far that the carriage, up to some scratches would fit through. He began the carriage and struggled, only scarcely some trees of the avenue missing, sliding by the snowy masses. Immediately would appear whether the appearance fates Morgana, or was personified. He went faster and by now the cold penetrated to him under the skin. Immediately he had mastered the distance to the gate. The gate wings were still closed both. It had to have frozen! Nevertheless, behind the gate, Fata Morgana stood in person. As yet he did not believe to trust to his eyes. Finally, he had arrived. He jumped out of the carriage and looked at a young woman in a red dress who, as well as he now, up to the hip in the snowy masses was concealed. She trembled on the whole body, had tied the arms firmly round herself and hardly seemed to have life in herself.
"Sky, are thanks.", he horned them against the storm say. She looked at him, nevertheless, said no more computer word.
Robbie got the catena from the car, she fastened fast to a gate wing and to the carriage, inserted the reverse gear and tore after few moments and several approaches the metal gate wing, crunching from his poor post anchorage. The security castle gave way at the same time and with a jerk the gate wing sank almost silently in the snow. Robbie jumped out of the car and looked round searching. The Fata Morgana had disappeared. His still wet hair froze to ice lump. One-second hesitation, a thought of Shining, then he hurried on the place to at which the woman had stood. Unconsciously and knows she lay in the snow. Robbie took up them carefully, climbed about the destroyed gate away, she laid in the carriage, turned the heating at full speed and had a look at his unknown, unconscious companion. The woman trembled on the whole body, her eyelids fluttered, however, at least, she still lived. She had to go quickest in the warm. you are
"Who?.", he asked, checked whether her heart still hit and her respiration functioned. To find both confirmed gave him the jerk to gas and to return fast. She gave no answer. He inserted the reverse gear and noted the tied up gate only when it became wedged together. The damned gate was still chained to the carriage! Behind itself it had pulled a track of the devastation! Cursing he climbed once more from the carriage to solve the catena. Robbie could hardly feel his hands when his clammy fingers had made limited to solve the catena and made easier he jumped back in the carriage. Only now struck him that he was still as barefooted, how when he coming from the pool. To him was already so cold that it no more superlative gave how coldly had to be first to her then?
"Being you having not coming, I would have fought through up to the next place and would have sued you, if I had survived, because of omitted help," she murmured.
He had exactly understood what she had said, however, she still seemed to be unconscious. Robbie wanted to wait no more second to coming back in the cosy warmth of the house.

of The carriages slid and dangled the distance up to the house back and with a short, crunching jerk in the garage roof, he stopped again on his old place. Here the horror-exciting shriek of the burglar alarm was to horn. The destruction of the gate had cleared of course alarm. Robbie packed the unconscious, she carried fast before the open fire, she laid down and hurried in the control space around the ear-deafening noise a quick end to prepare. Quickly he gave his code number for the identification and presently the shriek fell silent. The cold had also filled him up to the bones, he trembled on the whole body, feverishly he considered how first is to be traded. Warm ceilings! Should he lay them for thawing in the pool? Immediately he returned to the strangers and wrapped them in a few ceilings. Still, she was unconscious, however, her pulse was to be felt. Robbie fell to the bar, poured out a cognac, wanted to give him just to the woman, reflected of a better, drank up the glass itself and then fell to the phone. Whom wanted he to call? He did not know a phone number of a doctor. Darius! Quick Robbie put the phone cable in the phone tin and chose the well-known number, the only one which he had stored generally in his memory.
Darius always goes to the phone. It lasts no ten seconds, nine, eight, seven, six, five.
"Darius.", there sounded the well-known, rattling voice.
"Like one thaws somebody, that has almost froze to death.", asked Robbie without circumlocutions.
"Moment.", said Darius and talked with somebody in the space.
"My companion is a medicine student, she slowly says, in the bath maybe! I call, nevertheless, better one right doctor, from where....", Darius did not coming in addition his composition to complete. Robbie barked
"To thanks.", in the phone, threw the listener on the cradle hook and hurried back in the sitting room. The unconscious had not moved, up to her shivering, yet. Robbie took up them once more carefully and carried them in the bathroom.
"Having maybe only waters should let!.", coming to him in the sense, it laid, nevertheless, in the bath and turned up the water inflow, before-out-looking manner over the shower head, about the drain. The water from the circuit was ice-cold and it lasted some seconds, until a warm jet of water from the circuit shot. Robbie put down the lever for the tub inflow and decided to get the cognac and a few warm things fast in the spurt. Loaded he returned in the bath. The tub was quite half-filled, he reduced the cold water inflow, so that only a small ray tepid water flowed. If some cognac poured out, composed itself on the tub edge and tried to give to her something. She coughed, choked and, finally, opened the eyes.
"Welcome among the living persons!.", said Robbie pleased to her."Who are you and what have to the devil you made there outdoors in the storm?"
you wanted to answer, however, instead of a voice, there coming only one hoarse croaking. Carefully she stretched her arm to the glass and Robbie a half-filled glass reached to her. She drank a gulp and cleared the throat.
"Mmme is frightfully cold.", finally, it produced under tooth rattles."I have been attacked about... There lay a human on the street and when I when I held and got out, nearly I would have him cross when I held, somebody knocked down me." She felt her back of the head with these computer words and made distorted with pain the grimace. "My carriage was stolen, I have to go, I must call the police." She wanted to go back already jump up, however, he pressed them gently in the tub
"You must warm up yourselves first of all.", said Robbie and wiped to her softly some strands of hair from the face.
"I has seen the light.", she said, leant back, besides, more relaxed, drank up the rest of the glass in a train and closed the eyes.
"Being able to do I you a moment only leave.", asked Robbie.
"Of course, I thanks you. Forgiveness.", they opened winking the eyes and passed her hand above the edge: "Praxeda Empress."
"Very pleasantly." Robbie took her hand and had the impression that she was already warmer some degrees.
"I will see whether the phone still functions, I am same back."
Quick he slipped over to himself some of the warm things, went once more to the control space and chose the number.
after the first ringing tone already there sounded the question: "Where you are, when do you come back rather?"
"On Hawaii, maybe the next week!"
"Soso, frostbites on Hawaii!" Robbie could see the smiling manager formally before himself.
"Is snowing Now and then it also on Hawaii! Here a lovely, landed is in the middle of the blizzard young woman before my door which lies now of thawing manner in the bath and has regained the consciousness."
"White them who you are?.", asked Darius. I know
"No, this myself hardly exactly. I know who is they. Their name is Praxeda Empress. To find out attempts everything about them! Now I take off the phone circuit again. With the storm the phones cannot function.", said Robbie laughing.
"You need no data about the curing of half-got frostbite more?.", asked Darius."I will immediately fax the data to you."
in the next moment the fax started to rattle and a new paper flood poured forth into the room.
"Old rogue.", said Robbie friendly to Darius."I knew that you know where I am!"
He hung up, took the first fax which was up just come and read: You have to thanks! said! Glad Christmas! Your friend Darius.
The skilfully curved manuscript of Darius, let this letter like an affectionately formed piece of art look. Christmas, in it Robbie with no thought had thought. He laid down the paper on a pile, glided once again softly over it as if he wants to stroke it and left the space, without medical details of frostbites which rattled further happily by the fax to give other attention. Carefully he closed the door and sauntered in the bathroom back.
"Being to you already become warmer?.", he asked and put his hand in the water to checked the temperature, it considered too coldly and turned up the hot-water inflow. She nodded. Their shivering had decreased a little.
"Oh, God.", she said."I believe, to me has never been so cold in the whole life."
Robbie looked at her boots, reached in the water and started to untie the boots. "I pull to you the boots from.", he said, as if she had not noted this yet."There is here a sauna, although, maybe this is not at all good, for the circulation, I mean." My goodness, it drove Robbie by the head what I talk only for a stuff.
"Worked your phone?.", they looked him expectantly.
"No.", lied Robbie, by himself amazed how unabashed flowed over his lips. "Where come you?.", he immediately asked to change the subject from the phone. He dropped the first wet boot on the mat and came along in the second one.
"I went on the street.", she said."As me after him attack to me coming, were all around only trees. I have tried to find back to the street, however, I did not know, in which direction. Sometime I have seen the light and have shut to it." She looked him friendly and still seriously: "You have presumably saved me the life. I thank for it you!"
There was this computer word again.
"You have already thanked me just now.", Robbie answered, sank the second boot on the mat and put down the water. to send "Somebody in this weather without jacket before the door, is a heavy crime.", he said sincerely, even if with a winking eye."In the name of the humanity I hope that I can make this crime forgotten."
"You have been only in the T-shirt outdoors..", she said sobered. to say "Around it in your computer words, I have committed a heavy crime then also against you." Almost conscience-stricken she looked at her feet. Of the fact that he had still been barefooted he rather said nothing.
"Oh, your gate!" you looked at him from big eyes and seemed to paint to themselves before her spiritual eye the destruction. "Thus a damned dung.", slipped out it her suddenly. Immediately she put on an apologetic look. "Forgiveness, this is a shining example of wrong place and wrong time. They are supposed at the right time, at the right place." At least I have been
"It already once in the life.", Robbie answered smiling and passed to her a cognac glass full anew which she emptied in a train. "Maybe should soon rise you from the tub, the wet things depart, some dry in and itself before the open fire compose.", Robbie requested them, after an infinite while in which they had observed themselves in silence. She looked in herself along, as if she noted for the first time that she lay with a dress in the bath.
"Creating you this only?"
you nodded, swung itself on ramshackle legs from the water high, so that he supported them, nevertheless, with the rising, from worry, they could fall. Finally, she stood on her still trembling legs in the wash basin edge, rested on it and looked at him challenging.
"Understanding! I leave you now better alone.", he said, her view from that point of view interpreting that she rather wanted to get undressed alone. He went from the room, quickly clerked the sauna and a stair hurried up to take a warming shower in the upper floor fast even still His feet were still ice-cold and the warm ray brought them, at least, after a while on body temperature. He dressed jeans and a double layer of pullovers, threw down a contented view in the mirror and the stair sprinted. At the same time both came in the chimney room. Praxeda, in at least three situations clothes and half-dozen socks packed, let itself move, on Robbies request, on the thick carpets and the cushions sink before the chimney. He found, the too big jeans turned up at the end and the oversized pullovers let them look elegant and breakable.
.", Praxeda, why you have been generally in this weather on the country road.", Robbie, with a towel rubbing asked himself the last drops of water from the hair.
"I wanted to make holiday and has rented to me a hut.", she quickly answered. "Of The governors said, I should take the left third way from the country road and then second on the right. I have got lost and wanted to turn back just at a capabled place when suddenly a human on the street lay. I have already told this you. Instead, I would have almost froze to death, her life has still risked and has broken on a way of the destruction unsolicited in you."
"The high street is about two miles away if you coming from there, you have a wide way behind yourselves."
"I has no notion as far I have gone.", she said. Energetically she shook the head as if she can become with it of her bewilderment man. "You said, your phone does not function whether it is functional meanwhile again."
Robbie shook as energetically, as just them before, the head: "No, I have tried it just once more. The telephone network has presumably broken down with the storm. Whether you want, or not, at the moment stick here." Conscience-stricken of his lie adding: "Come along you no worries, everything is moved already again in the right plumb line and I am glad about your unexpected visit."Sincerely he looked them. Really a feeling of joy and adventurousness fulfilled him. "One more drink?"
She nodded timidly. He sauntered to the bar, poured out two glasses and sank with it also in the cushions. Moreover, I would on no account like to get
"A complaint because of omitted help to the neck.", he added. Without understanding she looked him. "You said, they struggle till the next village and sue me!.", he said grinning and looked them requesting.
"In it I cannot remember.", she said truthfully, however, a little move. you have
"Maybe a cigarette?.", she asked, finally.
Robbie shook the head: "That I have hidden somewhere when I was got drunk and the smoking decided to surrender. Maybe I find in one of the guest-rooms which." He jumped up and came along straight away, to her: "Request no circumstances! I have given up it for a long time!.", ignoring, on the search. Now to him was after a cigarette! He rummaged through the rooms of the upper floor and found, finally, in a room a small box in which, beside tobacco and cigarettes, also richly other stimulants were found. Any of the musicians who used now and then the property had tangled here a stock. He decided to take the small box with down and to make to eat first of all something. His stomach growled and also Praxeda would have to be hungry if it had wandered through the area.
as him, successfully in his search, to the chimney returned, he found them, in the firelight of the chimney, cuddled asleep in a ceiling. Straight away he got down to it to search once more the cabinets for a lusciousness to food. The pizza from the deep freezer looked most promising and after the loveless looking pizza cloths on the metal lay, Robbie booked them still with the ingredients which were found in the cabinets. Some tomatoes, onions, a few dry mushrooms, olives, Pepperonis, Chillis, to pineapple chunks, salami and cheese. Contently with the result, he pushed the pizzas with which on the packaging given temperature, in the stove and put the time switch clock on a little bit more, than the given time.
Praxeda slept still deeply and firmly and he decided to wake up them when food is ready. Now he could contemplates them unabashed. Reminding to himself to the cigarettes, he rummaged about from his trouser pocket the package out and lighted himself. Completely of pleasure he soaked up the smoke and sank his view further about the sleeping woman. Their dark-blond hair was still humid from the snow and the bath, her only pale skin had got a healthy colour again and her beaming face lay in peaceful sleep. Now their marvellous figure which he had already enough admired in the bath was concealed under shapeless situations by clothes and ceilings. A few hours ago still he had believed, nothing in the world would bring him in the blizzard and now here he sat, on the just same couch and was surprised by himself. Was he actual, meagerly dressed, coagulated out in the storm to save a stranger? He was not sorry his small lie about the phone, although he already asked himself with the next thought at what he aimed with it. Presumably I want to let them not go yet, was his most likely explanation. The Christmas angel had lain literally before the door, nevertheless, it would be a nonsense to send off him immediately again. Light humming of the time switch clock interrupted him in his lines of thought.
He took the deliciously smelling pizzas from the stove, it arranged on plattering, caught to themselves cutlery and returned together with a bottle of wine which he had immediately opened when his decision on pizza was taken, in the sitting room. Softly he shook Praxedas shoulder and them opened the eyes.
"Being you hungry?"
you nodded: "Like a wolf! This smells really deliciously!." She rubbed herself the sleepy eyes, sat up and observed Robbie, like he food on a small side table which he had put before the chimney arranged and just wine poured out. When he sat down beside them, he looked to her smiling in the eyes, took her hand and said solemnly: "Glad Christmas!" nevertheless,
"Also to you glad Christmas.", she said sincerely, immediately turned away, presumably, so that he did not note her climbing up tears. Voraciously they looked themselves into the pizza.

of The carriages struggled in the snail tempo by the blizzard. From snowdrift to snowdrift. The driver of the carriage "Pitsch "Kettlar had an other disgruntled look at his head-shaking companion.
"From murder was no speech!" hissed Snake Barnacle, the front seat passenger, Pitsch to."We have killed them.", he started once more and shook furthermore the head.
"Snake, boy, calms you, the slut has still lived, after I have put on one to her", Pitsch started his angry partner."From murder is no speech!"
"We have put out them simply there in the wilderness, she will freeze to death in her dress, then it is a murder.", Snake said in a crying tone and shook even more violently his head. littling clothes must draw the slut also in such weather
"What?.", Pitsch asked furiously and looked at his companion disgruntled."We can also use no witnesses. Until somebody finds her corpse, grass about the thing has grown, or the wolves will eat them.", he added.
Snake shook furthermore in bewilderment his head.
"If you shake yet further your damned pear, I tear off them to you immediately and this then was unambiguously murder.", roared Pitsch angrily against his front seat passenger.
Snake winced and tried to suppress his shaking of the head.
"We must call the boss, maybe he finds one more solution.", spoke Pitsch in quieter tone further. I should say
"What him then?.", asked Snake, took off his gloves and threw them furiously on the front console. be "This whole nice plan has not functioned that we had to make a forced landing by the helicopter, then have searched the aerial cushion boat which should fetch us, and, besides, have stolen a carriage and have thrown a girl to the wolves?" Snake shook his head once more, then reflected, after an other furious view of Pitsch of a better and reached halting for the phone. "What should I say him now?.", he asked Pitsch.
"Knowing you what passes if Crazy Will to somebody an order is given and this order is not carried out?"
Snake nodded briefly and disastrous images unrolled themselves before his spiritual eye. Headlong from the mountain thrown, with concrete feet in the sea sinks or slowly his body parts to lose and the remaining piece to the sharks thrown, was not exactly a worthwhile departure.
"Call him now in and explains to him what has happened.", Pitsch, obviously made easier said that he steered the carriage and did not have the job to call the boss. Snake chose a number, kept the phone to the ear and listened in tensely to the expected, pitiless ringing tone. "The receipt functions here again.", whispered Snake to the driver to and listened further tensely to the clock character.
"Yes! now.", a rough voice croaked at the other end in the phone.
"Blizzard." Snake passed his registration number with the character signal. How typical it was, nevertheless, in this sense. After few seconds of silence another voice, unmistakeably Crazy Will contacted: "I know it is badly Jungs, this time you have messed up no things. Probably you are frostbitten to you in the helicopter the arse. The vehicle has delay. Loretta has got stuck in the blizzard, but on the way. The visit must be shifted around some hours. Remains in position!"
"Boss?.", asked Snake hesitantly in the phone. He felt in spite of the cold like in boiling hotly the sweat broke out."We have left the position, there was there no phone receipt.", produced Snake, finally."There the vehicle did not coming, we wanted to sound out the terrain and have lent ourselves a carriage. We have lost the driver in the wood." Snake horned Crazy Will in the phone wheeze. The boss had started his mental machine and Snake could rattle them formally horn.
"This are shit-damned, pole-tested satellite telephone's.", finally, the voice output of the mental machine snapped in the phone."Being the receipt not possibly, we would not speak with each other. If Looks the driver, in addition you have yet enough time and create your damned arses again on position!" With it the circuit was closed.
Snake wiped to themselves the sweat from the forehead and grinned at his partner: "The plan has not started at all. We have to go back!" He repeated the instructions for Pitsch, the Crazy Will to him had given. Not to have brought confidently, now, nevertheless, the plan to the failure and to die with it not, a probably exceedingly painful, slow death, now Snake grinned at the whole face. Pitsch whose fury with Snakes portrayal had also vanished found a capabled place at which the snowdrifts on the street permitted a safe idiom.
"Maybe lives the driver still.", said Snake made easier. nevertheless,"I said, with murder it stops."
"You have not said him that we have not reached the position and that we had to make a forced landing.", Pitsch said after a while in which he to themselves everything once again by the head went left. This time Pitsch was in the row to shake the head.
"Of The helicopters can be not far removed from to the agreed point. We have found the street, nevertheless, without trouble.", said Snake confidently, in cheerful gossipy style.
Pitsch grunted only wide before itself, nevertheless, said nothing more. Presumably because he knew that he had not botched this. Although some hours ago, a snowplow had pushed the masses aside, now the street resembled again endless, wide desert through which the carriage laboriously had to struggle. A before-out-looking planner let to both sides of the way plant long tree rows which offered now in the snowy masses, the only points to the orientation. Snake which it bored long, hopeless journey started to examine the carriage. In the glove compartment lay only a few maps and an unopen box of cigarettes. From the footwell he promoted only one opened water bottle and a half-empty biscuit box to the scanty interior light.
"No miracle that it is so thin "he said to Pitsch and presented to him a biscuit. Behind the driver seat he found a few magazines, a few full-scrawled sides and a small handbag. He would examine the rest of the carriage later. Pitsch had firmly clasped the steering wheel and sat there with stiff upper part of the body, the nose almost to the windscreen low-spiritedly. Snake rummaged about in the handbag, pulled a wallet out and studied with interest the content.
"Like was called them then?, asked Pitsch.
"You is called Praxeda Empress.", answered Snake, after he had examined the driving licence and the papers.
"Believing you really that we will still find them with the snow?"
"If we find them, if it might not be probably difficult afterwards, a little bit in such a way tallness to find again how a lost helicopter "answered Snake.
"Like we should find the place generally only at which we have put out them.", Pitsch asked, still dogged, with closed the mouth tight eyes concentrates by the disc staring.
"Where you have put out them, you probably believed?" Snake the upper hand had won again completely. The grayish thought to have bendeded a plan of Crazy Will had almost paralyzed him and now he was sure that the whole would function, nevertheless, still smoothly. "If you would be an attentive observer, then you would have stamped yourself the rock formations here. It is your luck that I have noticed them to me.", Snake gave arrogantly from itself. "I do not understand, why you them have equally knocked over.", he further talked.
"It was your plan to come to a stop a car and to overpower the driver.", said Pitsch indignant.
"Yes, but you should not necessarily have hit them immediately k.o. and to put out them still." Snake started to shake his head again, however, a disgruntled view of Pitsch was enough that he reflected again and stopped with it. "We should have shown her our brands.", said Snake annoyingly. Curses! the fact that he had not thought in it rather! He pulled a small wallet book from the inside pocket of his anorak out and whipped it. A sparkling brand reflected the light reflexions of the scanty inside light again and, besides, sprayed her shine. Besides his identity card photo was resplendent and grinned at him as he found now, malicious.
"The boss has said, no witnesses!.", said Pitsch. "And if he says that he wants no witnesses, there will be damn once more also no witnesses!"
Snake abhorred the unscrupulousness of his partner deeply. Pitsch, one him compliable messenger boys of Crazy Will, was always to be carried out ready the mud works. Snake abhorred power in every regard. His strength was a planning and daring calculation. Crazy Wills plan had owned from the start his gaps and defects. It had cost Snake almost the hand to point out Crazy Will to it. The only reason, why Crazy Will him had instructed in this case was that he needed a capable pilot and none of his messenger boys had brought it up to the pilot's light. Snakes the only reason to do the favour to the boss he could count himself in his four fingers. Now the endlessly long tree rows changed themselves against precipitously rising rock formations. With this speed they would be in about two hours again in her starting point.
Stockard Darius already sat since a hit hour at his desk in his London flatlet, still held the receiver in the hand and thought concentrated. The infallible light that here something completely did not decide was right, had woken up instinctively his suspicion. He gave to his companion who lolled about provocative on the bed and asked him over and over again to coming to her, no attention more. If he only knew what had made him distrustful! Robbie seemed to go well it which was supposed only unusual that he had said thanks. During all years which he worked now for him and in those them even friends had become, he had supposed that this computer word had no place in Robbies vocabulary. However, the fact to have heard an unusual computer word did not wake his suspicion. Of course he had immediately supposed with Robbies disappearance where he stayed. To him the shining idea had coming to send a fascinating change in the remote snowy desert to Robbie about the holidays. However, had why she half froze to death and had come on top of that unconscious? Something was not right! It could smell Darius formal. about the screen of his computer there flickered the first information from the computer headquarters about the woman, however, appreciable results were not to be shown yet.
Darius chose, finally, the number of the Swiss model agency which he had instructed. His fingers knocked impatiently about the desktop. Every now and then he had given to the exclusive accompanying service agency already orders and up to now all clients had been contented. He had also selected this time personally the model and up to now had always met the taste of the respective client.
A friendly voice contacted. "Welcome to rose blossom what we can do for you?"
"Darius. Today morning I have given an order to you!"
"A moment please.", the women's voice said at the other end of the phone. She whispered with somebody in the space and it lasted for a while, until she contacted again. "Of Mr. Darius, it is sorry us inexpressibly, Miss Loretta has got stuck on the way in the snow. It will still last for a while, until she is with you."
"You do not need to trouble Loretta any more.", said Darius gruffly."This has taken care." I am sorry
"Oh, this, sir.", played on the flute the voice..", Unfortunately, we have at the moment no possibility to countermand the order with Miss Loretta. She is already on the way and the car phone does not function, with the snowy activity. The only possibility is to send off again them if it has come."
"You should come best of all not at all only or ring! This would cause serious results!.", said Darius gruffly.
"You Give yourselves no troubles!.", the voice played the flute happily further."If she has come with you, lift briefly the left hand and wave this a little, this is the agreed character for our models if a visit is not right any more. Miss Loretta will immediately understand it and state, she would have been wrong in the address." you give
"Me her autophone number.", said Darius."I will look myself after it!" She called to him the number, and played on the flute her text, with the request to take the services of rose blossom in claim soon again behind, however, Darius had already hung up. Darius was brief always, this was one of his strengths.

"To thanks, this was a delightful meal. fascinating "Praxeda Robbie smiled and licked off to himself the fingers. "Excuse you please my bad behaviour, normally I do not lick off to me the fingers."
"With pizza would not be a bad behaviour to act.", Robbie said laughing and put eating noisily his fingers successively in the mouth. both had eaten
you in the end with the fingers and resist wolfish of hunger, everybody no half a pizza created. Presumably you would want
"No ice to the dessert?.", asked Robbie grinning.
"To thanks, no, by no means!" they removed
in the quiet agreement the pizza leftovers on the culinary sideboard, presumably they would look themselves later into the rests and went together to the bath to wash to themselves the hands. Praxeda dried itself carefully the hands, considered him in the mirror with a smile, took her boots and sauntered back in the sitting room. Robbie stopped before the mirror, deeply looked to himself in the eyes, put on his different seducer's mines, stroked himself over his beart-stubbly chin and decided to shave immediately. Robbie noted
in the mirror while shaving that Praxeda her dress had hung to the dry about the heating sticks on the wall. A little curiously he kept after her laundry a lookout, however, it was disappointed. Nothing of it was to be discovered. Even with his concerts sometimes there flew brassieres, briefs or garter belts on the stage and his occasional friends had always in a great hurry to present her laundry with charms. Why she had hidden her laundry, why it was so move and why he thought now of garter belts? Contently with the result of the shave, Robbie put on a winning look, went back to the sitting room and decided to ask them bluntly. She sat before the chimney, had put her boots to the dry before it and looked in the fire.
"Praxeda, why you are so move?"
"I hopes your embarrassment does not lie in it reasonably that you think that you were not welcome here." She was quiet and looked at Robbie as he found, move furthermore. "Giving it expects then somebody you.", he further asked. "Somebody itself about your whereabouts worries. Friends, family, your man?"
you did not move surely with the language. "At the moment not.", she said, finally, shaking the head.
"If only the car to you worries makes, nevertheless, it is only one car!" Anyhow it seemed to him as if her eyes had become bigger and more beaming. "Here certainly we still find some suitable for drawing for you.", he further spoke. "This is a dosshouse for musicians here, however, in this season nobody dares except me! They are alive and if you wanted to spend anyway only your days in your hut, then it is not a monotony whether it is one or other hut. Feel here like at home!" He squatted beside them and listened in to her silence
"You have right.", she said, finally. "I should be glad that I live and that you greet me. Nevertheless, I would not like to wear out your hospitality." you are not able to do
"This at all.", said Robbie laughing."Unless, you require from me to go out once again at the ice-cold night, to remove the gate and to fight out me with you by the blizzard up to the next phone or up to the next police station and in addition still drunk." Yet drunk enough, he did not add in thoughts. He did not mention the entrance on the other side rather. Praxeda had started to laugh with his computer words, however, already in the next moment she looked serious again.
"I would also not like to wear out you, you must be exhausted.", talked Robbie further."Would presumably like to sleep you?"
you shook the head: "to thanks, at the moment not. If you have nothing against it, I still stay down here by the fire." Dreamily she looked in the fire. Then
"Calms it me, yes, that you do not hold me for a soporific host." She laughed.
Robbie still got glasses with cognac, composed itself again to her to the chimney and both looked in silence in the flames. here
"Like a hut this looks not exactly!.", she said after some time. She lifted her glass and added solemnly: "I drink to the man who has provided assistance to me in the need." Then she poured the glass in a train down. Robbie touched it her, overthrew the cognac down and threw the glass with a swing in the chimney where it broke clattering. A moment she looked startled, however, already in next she recognised the rogue in his eyes. He was obviously amused.
"This should bring luck! The gangsters presumably are stuck anyway in the blizzard and the police she can nail as an ice lump.", he explained. An amused grin darted over her face. you wanted to expel
"With to yourselves her time, snowbound and alone?.", asked Robbie, really curiously, how she had planned to spend her time.
"I wanted to work undisturbed.", she said. you call
"And this rest? nevertheless,"At all such a thought coming to him today already once in the sense. Then you are
"Like you get on?"
"Saying to me my feeling!"
"I wanted to work on a screenplay for a film.", she said. nevertheless,"I hope that my recordings will survive the adventure." then you have
"If not, enough material for a new screenplay.", said Robbie. Anyhow he could not keep back a grin any more. "Wanting you that I show you the house?.", he asked happily. "Arrival you! Nevertheless, they must get to know your hut!" Laughing he pulled them on the legs, confidence saw a moment fright in her eyes, then in it. "No worry, I have got you certainly not from the blizzard to fall about you!" Finally, she stripped her embarrassment, put the hands in the trouser pockets and followed him on the walk. "I am a musician.", he further talked."Where want to start you?"
"Where you want." here
"This is the chimney room.", he said and spread out the arms. Did he sound there possibly, how a damned broker?
.", Ah!.", she said grinning.
"There is the kitchen."Robbie pointed to the built-in cupboards and the working records round which stools stood, connected directly to the chimney room."Here find you to eat something and in such a way!" She looked him amused, as if he told something new her. "I show you the conservatory, you will like those." They went after next door to another sitting room from which one could go directly to the conservatory and to the pool.
Also in the conservatory were all around, gigantic windows and all kinds of exotic plants from which some wonderful and colorful blossoms had.
The high ceiling showed a round dance of coloured flowers and birds, interweaved by foliage and flourish decorations. The gigantic windows in the ceiling were covered by the snow, so that one had the impression to stand in a tropical forest clearing or in a tropical grotto.
Praxeda had sunk into consideration of numerous blossoms. Robbie contemplates them carefully.
Peacefully and nicely she stood there. "I feel anyhow strangely.", she said after a while.
Robbie had from itself the same impression, had anyhow also he a strange feeling.
"Arrival you, I shows them the guest-rooms, they are on top."Robbie waved to her to follow him. "If you want to see television or video, you are able to do this in the basement. Shining you do not want to see certainly!"
you grinned at him: "No, thanks, the thoughts of it I have just shaken off."
you further went to the spacious hall from which a stair led in the upper floor. A big hall led in different rooms, from everybody in different one if as it were, to modern style was furnished
"You can select to yourselves a room.", said Robbie, after he had shown her all rooms."In the bath, immediately next door, find you everything what they need." He pointed to an other stair at the end of the corridor: "My room is higher a floor. From there one has a wonderful view on the stars. Now one presumably sees only snow. Coming, we look, I have not already been a few days any more there on top." They went up the stair and entered the gigantic, midnight-blue painted room in which only one gigantic bed was resplendent under a huge glass dome and a few guitars lay around. The view on the star sky was hindered by the snow. With this blizzard a star was also not presumably to be recognised.
"Skill we maybe see the communications?.", she asked after a while. He nodded and considered whether it was quite disagreeable to her to stand in his bedroom and to stare at the gigantic bed.
"You can also sleep here.", he said to clear up how around circumstances."I have spent the last nights before the chimney. In search of inspirations.", explicatory he added.
"And you have found your inspiration?"
"Yes.", he said, after a while of the reflexion."I have caught them only not in computer words." He led them in the television room in the basement, switched on a television set and a brightly coloured image flood poured forth into the oval, charcoal grey space.
you can fall in the heavy television armchairs and both stared at the flat panel display monitor on the wall.
"Oh one!.", said Robbie, after a while."I already know, why I have renounced during the last days this." A terrible image flood of war edge areas, oil disasters, menacing conflicts in all men countries and live admissions from crisis areas, did not want to break off at all and when, finally, a happy jingle Bells, from the loudspeakers roared, they had both enough of it and decided unanimously, the television, nevertheless, no good idea was. Robbie still showed her the recording studio which connected itself directly to the television room and a view in the fitness space, in a meditation room and the library went for the house walk completely. he had let out
A space, however - the control space.

Darius touched to go immediately after his calling in Switzerland, the decision, even to the computer headquarters and to find out what was wrong to the devil here. Praxeda and Loretta were two different women, so much was already certain. However, was this really certain? Had Loretta arrived, nevertheless, and did prove so much theatrical talent that she drew off a right film? He decided to be deprived the agency Rosenblüte exactly under the magnifying glass. Darius reached to the phone, chose a number and gave up an extensive order in a Chinese restaurant, before he drove a floor deeper, in the computer headquarters with the lift.
three people who sat in the dim light before the gigantic monitor wall did not look up when Darius marched in the space. Kadda Neels sat leant back on his computer chair, a Headset over his head turned and fed the computer about linguistic input. Malcolm Ray who sat beside him nodded friendly when he noted Darius, grinned and turned immediately again to the screens, on the working record before him. about all monitor data flickered in raving speed. Shona Fox sat with the back to the door, looked still intently alternately at the monitor wall and at the screens in her console and rubbed herself the nape with a hand.
"Stockard!.", she exclaimed happily, before she had turned round on her swivel chair and smiled at him beaming."Glad Christmas!.", she warbled behind and turned again to the monitor images.
Shona was the only one whom Darius addressed with the given name and called Robbie, in contrast to all others, always Winterblum. Darius composed himself beside them, in a comfortable computer armchair and reached for some sides which spitted out the printers incessantly, humming. you would like to know
"What first.", asked Shona grinning."Your shoe size or her basket size?"you turned round on her computer chair and looked him expectantly.
"Walking you then never home, Shona?.", asked Darius."I bet you have not still eaten yet something and two boys there not." Shona shook the head. At least you have noticed
"That today Christmas is! If I may invite you to food.", asked Darius."How it stands with it?" She had rejected up to now each of his invitations and also this time it shook immediately energetically the head. "You have given me already so many brush-offs that I can carry on with it already commerce.", said Darius with played bitterness."You are too nice to stagnate here before the computers and to fight the nights over the ears." you do not waste
"Your charm on me.", answered Shona laughing."I am immune and, moreover, you are really glad that we are tonight here." She called a writing computer program, her fingers flew over the keyboard and to Darius stupefaction she sent Kadda e-mail: "Food at 10 minutes." they know
"Where from this?"Darius looked them surprised."And why send them Kadda e-mail?.", he further asked."You only, nevertheless, need to say it him."
"You would not appear here if you do not want to know a little bit certainly. the fact that you have asked me whether I is a matter eating with you, points out to the fact that the problem greater than from you is accepted, and that immediately something is delivered to food because you suppose that it lasts the whole night and Kadda nothing would get, even if we would eat here now according to eating noisily, from all that, as long as he has not read on the screen."
"You amaze me over and over again, Shona.", said Darius."You know, before you turn round that I stand behind you, know about problems where I have up to now only one notion."
"That you this are I have seen in Malcolms grin.", she answered laughing. to ventilate "Around the at least veil of a secret."
Darius looked them still questioningly: "And how you have seen Malcolms grin if you sat with the back to him?"
Shona pointed grinning to the monitor. When he did not understand yet and looked questioningly at the monitor to see video images in hope, she added laughing: "In the reflexion on the monitor images!"
Darius looked at the reflexion in the monitor images and saw in the next moment his forgotten friend, meagerly dressed, by a trolley on which the arranged dishes stood, by the door walk. Exactly 10 minutes had presumably passed, because Kadda jumped up from his computer armchair, thought provocative Cynthia with a smile and nodded to Darius: "Bon soir Darius." everybody composed
you to themselves together to the conference table at which they more often, however, ate, than to confer and the delightful dishes enjoyed. Three computer specialists had it to themselves, after Kadda presented a study which said that spiritual capacitances contract during the absorption of nutrients, cures from becoming fat scoffing before the computer. Kadda squinted over and over again to Cynthia over.
.", Stockard.", said Shona, after everybody was ready with food. Cynthia punished them for it with a disapproving view. Shona spoke unflustered further: "About 16.46 clocks was cleared on the property, in the Winterblum is, alarm. About 16.59 clocks the alarm was switched off by an authenticated person by whom code number identifies as a Winterblum. The alarm was not activated again. About 17.04 clocks you received a calling from Winterblum in which he asked how one thaws somebody, that has almost froze to death. They called us and asked for the data. 22 minutes later you received an other calling from Winterblum, while he gave you the name of the woman who had lain unconscious before his door and said you that he interrupts the phone circuit. Since that time he has not contacted and does not go any more to the phone. However, the fax circuit stands still."
Kadda passed to Darius a pile of papers which he had got of the printer: "Here are all data about the woman whom we could find. Praxeda Empress, 30. Everything of curriculum vitae, occupation, up to social security number, account balance, credit card numbers and phone numbers." the computer word took up
Malcolm, where Kadda had stopped: "Obviously not complicatedly in criminal or other subversive activities!"
as Shona now started to speak, had Darius the uncanny impression he meets a holy spirit with three voices: "Now we coming to the more delicate matter. Their order for rose blossom. Darius did not ask, where from she knew about it, however, was surprised by no means and looked Shona expectantly.
"This store stinks to the sky. We would not have got on if we had not looked in this connection for criminal machinations or activities.", Shona laid her hand in the nape what was probably a character for Malcolm, further-speak.
"You Remember the kidnapping of Dasgar Rago?.", asked Malcolm. "At that time we had two days before his kidnapping an order for rose blossoms. They should sweeten his stay in Switzerland.", spoke Kadda further.
"Now there coming the chief attraction.", took Shona the floor."Miss Loretta Diamond, a pseudonym, is called in reality Vanessa Praxton!" Excitedly she looked at Darius, as she expected a reaction from him. No connection occurred to Darius, to him Cynthia who disoriented amazed the computer words out-gushed.
"You is the daughter of Crazy Will Praxton?.", Cynthias voice overturned almost."And they you have sent to Robbie?" Cynthia looked Darius reproachfully: "Well, then happy Christmas!"

had arrived as a Praxeda and Robbie again in her starting point in the chimney room, Robbie occurred again the heated sauna.
"I wanted to take one more sauna bath.", he explained in harmless tone."To you it would certainly be also good. They will see, you will feel afterwards like a new human."
you hesitated only, seemed to consider and followed him nevertheless willingly in another bathroom, beside the pool in which the sauna stood. Robbie pointed to the bathrobes and sauna cloths, caught to himself a towel and explained, he will change in the pool and wait, until she is ready. When they lolled about, finally, in the pleasant warmth on the benches, both had sunk into her thoughts. you write
"What screenplay then?.", Robbie asked for some time without opening the eyes. The sweat flowed out of all pores and the pleasant heat also cleared the last shivering.
"Of The contract awarders would want a crime film comedy.", murmured Praxeda, with closed eyes, completely relaxed on the sauna bank recumbent. besides,"Also the romanticism should not coming too briefly." you have
"Already an idea?.", he further asked.
"Oh yes, indeed.", she said, turned on the side, propped up the head and looked him with beaming eyes. I have
"Ideas more and more than I can process. The problem is sometimes to line up the computer words."
"This is in the music also not differently.", Robbie answered and turned also on the side to look them."The tones, are there just as the computer words already everybody, the art is to line up them." There you have
"Enough." they have sold
"Quite successfully a screenplay?.", he further asked.
you nodded: "Yes. The red clothes."
"Being this been filmed? "She nodded once more: "Yes, then, however, one said: Muse in request."
About which it goes in the film?"
"The Greek goddesses are bored, look by her mirror at the humankind and want to give a few pleasures. So they enchant clothes with the active magic which is brought about a Fashion agency to the woman. Eris, the goddess of the discord, still subjoins, without another goddess notes it, in the end an application, a black claw, the discord. The clothes are bought of course and the film shows how it goes out to the women."
"I reminds me of the film.", said Robbie and laughed when scenes of the film coming to him in recollection. He had found the film to the yelling funny. "Compliment, a great story. I have really regretted to the types which had spent itself as an agent and missed his fire little horse because the woman of his friend thought, her husband would be had an affair."
"So in detail you can remember this?.", she asked surprised. Astonishment was reflected in her face.
"Yes, but even because I have wished, that to myself sometimes such a thing again-moved."
you both were quiet for a while, to Praxeda the conversation resumed.
"And you? Are you successful?"
"Yes, I am contented." you make
"What kind of music then?" Robbie looked them in amazement. Either she really did not know who was he, or she was a so good actress that he did not note her deception. The amazed view had irritated them. "Or one can arrange your music not in a customary music direction?.", she further asked.
Robbie coming to the decision that he was really unknown to her and put on a winning grin: "Nevertheless, rock, some soul, music from the heart, music the feelings circumscribes!"
.", Ah!.", she said, as if she had understood this and lay back again with closed eyes."You were right, the sauna really exiles the last rest of the cold."
you dozed for a while further. The sweat ran in currents, however, now none of the both the wholesome heat of the sauna already wanted to leave. strange, colorful thoughts shot
Robbie by the head. "You Have maybe strange thoughts?.", he appealed to Praxeda. one can probably say
"This!.", she answered, opened the eyes and grinned. "I thought just whether does the earth a sort of a specific weight have and whether do we this, I mean if we shoot all possible in the space and we clear so much, do burn and do burn whether does this specific weight not change and changes with it the earth her orbit within the universe, and with it those of all other planets?"
."Indeed, a complicated thought. Do you more often have such thoughts?"
you seemed to think concentrated, shook, finally, the head: "I do not know it in which have you thought then when you asked me whether I have strange thoughts?"
Robbie twitched the shoulders and turned away, now move even a little.
"Oh they already coming!.", said Praxeda laughing."I have betrayed to them just my deepest thought!" Robbie humed and hawed and avoided them considering: "I thought of water. Water in different aggregate conditions, water molecules, drops of water, ice-crystals, steam, sweat."Robbie looked to the ceiling and further spoke: "I thought if the sweat comes out of our pores and connects itself with the molecule corpuscles of the air humidity which are reflected again as a droplet on our skin, then, nevertheless, it is basically a lot of more intimate contact than he himself is possible in the coitus."
"This is a not less complicated thought.", said Praxeda, still grinning. "Maybe should go you next time with your friend to the sauna!"
"If I would have a friend, do not mean, she would spend Christmas with me?"
"Christmas does not seem to you to be very important!.", she said roguishly."I have seen here no fir branch, no tree or Christmas decoration!"
That he had immediately thrown away the Christmas wreath which the woman of the house supervisor on the culinary bar had put, he did not betray to her. Maybe he should fish him simply again from the garbage can. you have
"Why no friend?.", she further asked."If to you this question is not too intimate."
He already wanted answers because most women want either his money or his fame and he would not be interested in popular, superficial and disingenuous relations, horned, instead, he say themselves: "Having arise not yet."
Again both dedicated themselves silently to the heat. now
"I must go out here.", Praxeda said after some time and sat up."Having not thought that I can say even today sometimes to me is hot."
"I waits.", offered Robbie."Then can jump you once again in the pool and take a shower!"
Praxeda heaped her sauna towel rightly, nodded to him once again smiling and went out. Robbie sank grinning and is relaxing back on the sauna bank, thought in countless, different directions, roofed the today's evening. He lolled about and stretched himself, yawned decently - and the yawn got stuck to him almost in the neck. A thought wore out him like an icicle and he directed his whole attention to it. The awful notion which he had since seconds seemed to themselves by the fluctuations of the light which he just saw to confirm. He had to say it her immediately! His hands clasped the sauna bank, as if he searched hold, he walked from the sauna, jumped in the pool and armed his thoughts. He dried himself fast, slipped over his clothes and kept a lookout to Praxeda. She stood in a bathrobe before the fridge, drank water from a bottle and rubbed dry her wet hair to herself with the other hand. She smiled at him beaming when he got closer. Panic and fear, paralysis your brain, shot to him by the head. He already wanted to start to speech, however, she preempted to him and babbled cheerfully on it off: "You meant, here is certainly a little bit suitable for me for pulling." He nodded.
"On top?.", she further asked.
"Yes, look in the cabinets, in the guest-rooms!"
you hurried upwards and coming only after some time which seemed to him extensively long, dresses in jeans and a blouse about which she, in spite of the warmth in the house, a suitable pullover had moved, again down.
"Now I feel actual like a new human.", she said made easier and sank beside Robbie who had taken in the chimney a seat and drank thoughtfully from a water bottle, to the carpets.
"Wanting you now a cigarette?.", he asked Praxeda after a while. She shook the head.
"You should be infected rather, nevertheless, one.", he said seriously to her, rummaged about the cigarettes out and passed to her one.
"Being something happen?.", she asked, after she had taken the cigarette, had looked at him and considered that he had all at once a strangely serious and impenetrable view.
He looked at them furthermore seriously, passed her fire and nodded: "Praxeda, I have made a terrible mistake." Then I can only hope
"Which was your terrible mistake not exactly, you have got me from the blizzard.", she answered straight away.
"No, preserves.", he said."This has nothing to do with you. That is now probably already."
"You make me curious which terrible mistake can you else have committed?.", she asked mischievously.
"Praxeda." It sucked at her cigarette and looked at him expectantly.
"The mushrooms!" Praxeda looked at him without understanding: "Which mushrooms?"
"The mushrooms on the pizza."
"They were superior.", she said."What should be with it?"
He looked them melancholically, sighed fervently and said: "This were presumably Magic Mushrooms!"
for a moment she looked in such a way, as if they rather at any other place than here, wanted to be. Praxeda stared at him from big eyes: "Mean you with it, the kind of mushrooms which witch doctors take with her religious rituals and then with minds, or whatever, in contact step?"
"I believe, I already meant such a thing in the kind!" Robbie had surprised at himself that he brought so quietly over the lips. you have done
"And them on the pizza?.", she asked horrified.
"No! Of course not. I mean, but not consciously.", stammered Robbie to myself rightly.
"Like you get on generally that the mushrooms, I think that these were such mushrooms?" She looked him tensely.
He jumped up, hurried in the kitchen, tore open a cabinet and moved smalling bag from it out which he passed to her then. Here
"Stands merely: Dry mushrooms on it.", she said, after it had studied smalling bag thoroughly. "How get on to you which this could be here Magic Mushrooms?"
"As me just now for cigarettes has looked, I found this small box in a guest-room." Robbie pointed to the small box which he had put down on the level coffee table."I thought we could maybe smoke something to the relaxation! Oh well, in it are also some smalling bag of some other things. Wait." He got the small box of the coffee table, brought out of it small cellophane bags and passed them to her. Magic Mushrooms, was on a bag to read.
Praxeda looked him questioningly: "You mean, these are they resemble, how from the kitchen?"
Robbie nodded in silence. you mean
.", we must worry to ourselves about our health? I mean if it should be then really the same mushrooms." She had opened the cellophane bags and laid some mushrooms side by side to collate them.
Robbie twitched with the shoulders: "I have no notion as affect generally, or whether we should worry about our health to ourselves."
"I believes you surely have.", Praxeda said essentially and kept the mushrooms near before the eyes."The things look alike damn!" Robbies thought rest. Should he call Darius? He would certainly set in motion all levers and send off immediately an emergency doctor's carriage. With it his lie would be uncovered by the broken phone and the adventure feeling would be also closed immediately. Had he snatched them only from the blizzard, so that he had annexed her one deadly mushroom cocktail? Catchlines rest before his internal eye: Rock star commits suicide with lover in snowy hell. Was it a suicide? Rock star of author murders, in desperation she took the life. - No one would think just one second that he had made the pizza!
Praxeda examined, in the meantime, the content of the small box and rummaged about, finally, a slip of paper from it out. Before she read what on it stood, her view fell on Robbie who observed them and questioningly she looked him. The catchlines stood written to him for one moment in the face.
"Feeling you to itself then badly?.", she asked, him completely from his thoughts tearing.
"I asked whether do you feel bad then?"
He thought a moment and grinned: "I do not think, except maybe that I do not get my stupid grin any more from the face."
Praxeda looked him for a while, waved the slip of paper before her face, as if to her was hot and had to do them cold air unto fans. She turned, finally, again to the slip of paper, studied the content and caught resounding in to laugh. Did not horn at all on to laugh. Robbie was stuck on by her laughter, snapped giggling at the slip of paper from her hand and read what stood on it:
Only no panic!

Pitsch and Snake wheezed before strain when it fed just the last rests him who had broken off among the snowy masses, from the street cleared up.
"If I would have known, as moved this plan of Crazy Will is, in this area and at this awful night to kidnap this tearjerker singer I would not have accepted the order at all!.", Pitsch grunted under the heavy burden of the broken branches which he dragged to the street edge. So he is called
"Probably also Crazy Will!.", Snake returned contemptuously."What you would have said him then? Does sorry boss act to me, I would like to get no cold feet? You get them then only surely!"
Pitsch twitched the shoulders and had, in spite of his other unscrupulousness, a moment the expression of a caught school child in the face. "I hope only, the damned cart does not leave us in the sting.", grunted Pitsch further, the last small ones fed in the high curve to the street edge flinging."Something hums quite strangely."
"This might probably be slightest of our problems."Snake climbed again the front passenger seat, so that Pitsch only remained to take place again on the driver seat. "This is a Swedish car.", moaned Snake further, stripped his gloves again and threw them on the console."The things are built for the fact that they struggle by snow and ice!" you think
"What how far it is still.", Pitsch asked, inserted the corridor and went on in the step tempo.
Snake saw on his clock and estimated that they would reach in well half an hour, finally, again the place at which they had stolen the car and had put out the driver. "Immediately.", he said scarcely to Pitsch to make furthermore pretence, he would have really stamped himself the rock formation.
Pitsch further grunted before itself: "I have shit hunger! If I had known that this action lasts the whole day, I would have brought to myself a picnic basket! In addition is still Christmas!" The last computer words had sounded almost sad. Snake leant forward, looked tensely on the rocks, as if they were to be recognised in the snow flurry generally and Pitsch gave one more of the remaining biscuits.
"I estimates spot, she will have decreased the street. I mine in the direction from them coming", said Snake."We have marched from the helicopter from about 1 hour up to the country road, this would have to be in the possibly same direction."
Pitsch which had lost the orientation already at the beginning nodded in the affirmative. Both dwelled on in silence her thoughts, to Snake, Pitsch suggest to come to a stop. He got out, studied the surroundings and noted to his relief that he had at least already discovered a known place. Here the way of a holiday's settlement and the main entrance flowed to the van Winterblumschen properties, into the country road. He rose again in the carriage, pulled the surroundings card file from his pocket, she studied and asked Pitsch to go on. we find
"Possibly half a mile from here, the place at which we have taken the car.", he said to Pitsch and harvested for it an appreciative view."The other entrance to the property can be not far removed from it."
"Maybe she has gone to the property.", explained Pitsch.
Snake pulled mockingly his eyebrows: "you will have remained rather on the street." Pitsch began
"Yes, but.", once more.
"What, however?.", Snake hissed back.
"Like should have found them then the street, we have laid them, nevertheless, in the wood!.", spoke Pitsch further."I mean, nevertheless, she had no clue to which direction she should go. If she has still gone generally." though
Snake mostly had the impression that Pitsch was not exactly the brightest head, however, in this point he was right unambiguously. Then
"Is even easier it."Snake grinned: "Then we look there first!" nevertheless,
"And if she has gone on.", Pitsch further bored."with the blizzard we will hardly find her track." Then we search
"First the damned helicopter and if we find them with it accidental, it should be only right to me.

"If we judge only the pure hypotheses, it must still means nothing at all.", Kadda began after some seconds of the silence."We have many dubious, absurd and necessary hypotheses. To put up a reasonable hypothesis, we need to cut-off only the mistake and the doubtfulness and will receive with all likelihood certainty about the evidence."
"Oh, one.", said Cynthia."Being able to do to me sometimes of a translated one?"
"We should reflect on the facts.", Shona said scarcely "All other is only chimera."
Darius during the conducting in silence had listened in, looked in the round as if he searches the answer to a question which he had not put at all. then
"Like the immediate, clear truth "is then, he asked, finally.
"If we contemplates the facts, there are of course different possibilities.", began Shona."Fact is, a Praxeda Empress has flown last night from the United States to Paris, stayed there till this day early and today morning came in Switzerland. There she has for one week a reservation for a summer cottage. Today morning she rented a rental car by which she has driven off about 9.00 clocks."
"Your last telephone call continued them about 14.03 clocks.", spoke Malcolm."Then she has deactivated her mobile phone."
"The vehicle has a Worldwide Positioning system of computer-controlled navigation, called briefly GPS, and a matching car phone which is also deactivated. It should be to be located not really hard.", Kadda took over the computer word."In few moments we might have clutch on the data." Now there is
"Of course several possibilities what begins her person.", Shona took the floor."Being she succeeded the real Praxeda Empress and by any fact there what collapses pure coincidentally with your order?"You looked with these computer words the manager.
"Belonged them maybe to a kidnapping plot that has spun itself when I have instructed rose blossom?.", asked Darius in the round."Around shortly after six I called at the agency and to me was said, they would be sorry inexpressibly that Loretta has not come yet and nobody can reach them at the moment, she would have got stuck in the snow."
"Being Praxeda and Loretta maybe the one and same woman?.", Cynthia asked to contribute something to the conversation. we will find out
"This.", answered Shona. She looked at Darius carefully and asked roguishly: "If Loretta is not to be reached, how could rose blossom know then that she has not come yet?"
Darius shook about itself the head that this seeming lie had not jumped to him in the eye. "What we can do?, he asked in the space."We must compute with the fact that Robbie is kidnapped, or it was already kidnapped?"
"We have so programmed a calculator that he continuously tries to call Lorettas, Praxedas and Robbies connection. The car phone are selected also constantly.", explained Malcolm to the increasingly excited manager.
"The unusual is that William Praxton normally does not work with dilettantes who call in the adoption, her right names. He disposes of excellent relations.", explained Malcolm we have asked
"About 18.20 clocks our security people to see on the property according to the right. Up to now they have themselves not announced.", said Shona.
"Of The house supervisors is also not to be reached up to now.", Malcolm added. Then we have put down
"A security team to the examination of rose blossom.", explained Shona.
"The most awful in it is.", announced to itself Cynthia to computer word: "Dasgar Rago has made after his kidnapping only bad titles. His career was over."
Everybody looked Cynthia surprised. In it nobody had still thought! Kadda, Malcolm and Shona, exchanged together views, as if they could communicate silently.
."Opens fire!.", said Darius who was sure with the views which they still held back information."Now presumably there coming the hammer!"
Kadda nodded: "William Praxton has lately engaged some scientists whose centres of mass lie with hypnosis, conditioning and brain surgery."
a computer cheeped and Malcolm went to the printer to take out the just printed sides.
"This are the account circuits and the client computer file of rose blossom.", he said and passed to Darius a new pile of papers. "All accounts lie in Luxembourg, some circuits also point here to it, the Praxton, his fingers in the play has.", Malcolm noted when he composed himself again.
"Of The computers checks just connections between client computer file and kidnapping or other offences of violence.", continued Shona the computer word.
you looked Darius: "I accept sometimes, you allowed to rose blossom block a code card file with unique clutch for the security gate?"
Darius nodded and cursed itself secretly for his sympathetic idea to get Robbie a little change.
"Why left them generally in the house to Robbie?.", contacted Cynthia again to computer word. nevertheless,"Everybody knows that he wants to see nobody if he withdraws into the loneliness."
"Presumably thought Stockard, Winterblum could not restant if a lovely female before his door stands.", said Shona sharp. "As well as Stockard.", horned Darius them secretly add. Shona looked a little embarrassed, nevertheless, she could be thrilled almost to emotions.
Kadda which had gone, in the meantime, again to his calculator brought a new pile of papers: "Here are the first results of connections between criminal activities and the agency Rosenblüte." He had a look at the sheets: "In the first May this year commissioned Gailard of kiln-drying the agency Rosenblüte, two days later he was kidnapped and released on a ransom of ten million pounds. At that time the whole thing was kept secret because one supposed that his ex-wife lay behind." Kadda passed to Darius the sheet in which he had read just the data. "In June.", he further spoke: "Representatives of the comedians Caleb Cheyenne, rose blossom. Three days later he headlined his whole accounts of a union to the rehabilitation of delinquents: Golden throat and naked wandered through the streets of New York, to him the police in safekeeping composed. One could not keep secret this process." Darius remembered the media bustle at that time around Cheyenne. "We must accept",
Darius began and felt how to him the cold sweat broke out: "That Robbie is not only kidnapped, but also is still hypnotised and is conditioned, how a pawlow's dog? Or in his brain is messed about?" Darius shuddered. we do not call
"Why simply the police?.", Cynthia asked and looked expectantly in the round. we have already tried
"This.", answered Shona."There is in the vicinity of 50 kilometres only one police station which is responsible for the whole area and the only person who is accompanying to the station, has come along according to the announcement text of the answering machine, on the search for a disappeared dog."
Kadda had gone, in the meantime, again to his calculator, spoke his commands in the Headset and called after a short time to the round at the table, they should see on the monitor wall. "We have located just the carriage, the Praxeda Empress today morning has rented."Kadda went with a showing - stick to the card file and pointed to a point."The carriage moves in northeast direction of the property away. However, the way goes, according to card file again in the outside gate of the property. In a crossing one has the possibility to get back about a curve on the high street, or on the other side, to a lake in which the way ends." then
"This can means all possible one.", said Darius and painted himself in thoughts, gagged, tied up Robbie who was kidnapped by a woman whom he had presumably sent himself. Darius whom it itched in the fingers jumped up from his seat. "I will fly immediately in Switzerland.", he cleared up the round."Shona, please coming you with me."
you nodded scarcely and started to wrap up immediately some mobile devices and a few laptops in a pocket.
"Where keeps wanting Praxton just on.", asked Darius. Like him this information were useful would become, he did not know yet.
"Still in Luxembourg.", answered Malcolm who had taken a seat, Darius Frage just again on his computer. Shona who has always packed a breakdown kit for all cases passed her luggage to Darius.
"Lot it goes.", she said happily."The next airplane goes in 24 minutes."
Cynthia who suffered increasingly from the observation-batch-ness gave a loud groan sighing: then "I not even get to pack!"
Darius smiled at them friendly: "Cynthia, dear, I thought you could support Kadda and Malcolm here! Ice and snow would spoil only your nice complexion." Cynthia pulled sulking her mouth. Kadda shone.
"We can use here capable people and you can send Robbie a few more faxes.", Darius and Cynthias added pout contorted into a beaming smile.
"Passport well on you on, Darius!.", she said and breathed to him a kiss on the cheek.
Darius noted from the corner of the eye how Shona went to Kadda and Malcolm and pocketed from everybody grinning a bank note. He would ask them later for it.
Crazy Will Praxton already cursed since hours. The whole plan which he himself had sketched had seemed to him splendidly and now he seemed to turn out to a heap of dung. "Where to the devil puts Loretta?.", he already roared to the umpteenth against his personal assistant.
Jeroen Imogen twitched repeatedly the shoulders."Boss, we have already set in motion all levers to find them. We have sent a few people on the way, the distance on them has gone to search and her phone is taken since hours. The boys still need some time, until they have searched the whole way."
"And that these both blockheads still her position have left.", Crazy Will further wheezed. For what I give them then commands? So that these arseholes ignore them? And where to the devil Loretta is?" Praxton heaved his immense body from his armchair, waddled to the door, it burst and roared on the hall: "Shannon!"
A young woman in serving uniform coming presently in the room overthrown: "You wish, sir?"
"Making to me a drink!"
you worked with a bottle at the bar and passed Crazy Will a glass with whisky. nevertheless,
"Your job should be quite easy. Nevertheless, she needs only the men in her saloon hide, until they are used and explore how many security people on the property are.", Crazy Will further grunted, after he had taken a strong gulp of his glass."Where to the devil, puts them?"
"Boss!.", said Jeroen, deliberative, why to itself the boss himself something poured never out, if he himself already from his place highly lifted ones."Calming you! She will already contact. Nevertheless, you know, like this is if Loretta calls up. She forgets the world round herself and as long as it calls up, we know that she is in order!"
Crazy Will dismissed Shannon with a way-shooing away movement of the hand."So does not need them still long, do not come! And this blockhead Rustin, must be detained just from a bull!"Furiously wheezing, his fingers about the leathern armchair armrest drummed.
The phone rang and answered to Jeroen, the phone. He listened in some seconds to the caller, held the hand about the mouthpiece and said: "Where they speak just of the blockhead Rustin Dean, he is on the phone. He says, the helicopter is not on position and Loretta would not have him, as agreed called what he should make?"
"What has to go hot one?.", there barked Crazy Will."He not even finds the damned helicopter?" Crazy Will waved to Jeroen, the phone on speak without notes to put: "Rustin, you dirty swine, you are too late not only six hours, but also are still silly like shit!"
embarrassed silence at the other end of the circuit.
"Where is the damned helicopter?.", roared Crazy Will behind.
"Boss?.", an embarrassed voice was from the loudspeaker to horn. "I know that I have built shit, but I have not got rid of the bull's tart rather! Nevertheless, you know what is wrong on the village. Here everybody knows everybody if I did not leave them in the house, she would have become only distrustful. But I am sure that Loretta has not gone past, I would have seen this from my kitchen!"
"This interests me a shit mud.", roared Crazy Will."Then has visited the aunt you six hours?"
"No, boss!, said the voice on the phone almost indignant."As long as she was not there, we have drunk only one beer."
"You have still offered beer to the trollop?.", shouted Crazy Will. Otherwise,
"Rejects them always, she would have become distrustful if I had offered to her nothing. I do this, otherwise, always.", said the abashed voice.
Crazy Will made the decision, itself Rustin Dean later to before-button. For the moment he was still inalienable from use and for the plan. Jeroen took over, finally, the conversation and cleared up Rustin about the fact that Pitsch and Snake had left her position.
"You are not at all first on position.", Rustin returned uncouth. then "I have observed the entrance way, but except a carriage on the country road, with two types in it, nobody went past. So what should I do now?"
"You God-damned shit guy.", Crazy Will started screaming."This were Pitsch and Snake!" nevertheless,
"Yes, but they should coming by the helicopter.", said Rustin hesitantly.
Jeroen explained Rustin that Pitsch and Snake had lent a carriage because he did not coming. However, then they have driven
"And have not flown!.", said Rustin certainly."I have searched the area, in the vicinity of 1 kilometre of the position where they should be no helicopter was to be discovered."
Crazy Will needed a pause for reflexion and meaned Jeroen to close the conversation.
"We immediately contact.", Jeroen gave to the caller and hung up. "Boss?.", Jeroen said to speak as always anxiously when he had Crazy Wills attention: however,"This can have been also security people of Darius. Darius called around twenty after six with rose blossom and cancelled Loretta. Presumably he has become distrustful."
"Thus a crap bugger shit mud.", Crazy Will did not horn at all on to curse.
Jeroen did not plan to make the mistake to point out the boss to his defective plan. Crazy Will looked at him expectantly. "We must find out where the helicopter is!.", said Jeroen after a while certainly."Without him we cannot create Winterblum out of the country. In addition we need Snake, Pitsch and Rustin."
Crazy Will nodded: "And without Loretta we do not approach him. Where to the devil Loretta is?"

Praxeda and Robbie the laughing tears rubbed themselves giggling out of sight. It lasted for a while, until her laughing fits had died down a little.
"I not even knows what is in it so funnily.", Praxeda said giggling and stared at the room ceiling not to break out once more in a fit of laughter.
Robbie tried meanwhile to stare from the window to be with it fluttering diaphragm could calm down. "Oh, one!.", he said after some time and came to a stop the air. Finally, between gales of laughter he succeeded a question in putting. "Now what would clerk then your protagonists in the screenplay if they had just noted that they have taken psychedelic substances to themselves?" Praxeda still giggled for a while before itself, before she could answer to him, finally. she produced
"Coming in the kind of the story in.", finally. Giggling she went to the bar, poured out new drinks and passed to Robbie a glass. "I did not know at all that I am so stupid.", she said, troubles not to break out again in a laughter.
For a while both looked in silence in the fire. they have
"Experience with such substances?.", she asked for a small eternity.
Robbie shook the head: "No, only theoretically."
What they both arranged to break out again in gales of laughter.
"I has passed no notion what.", he took up the conversation again and could look Praxeda, besides, even again without exploding."Having, however, already an amount of funny stories about that belongs." Curiously she looked at him: "What then for stories?"
Robbie thought for a while what he had heard then generally so."A musician's friend has talked on a party once five hours to a woman."
"What has to go in it strangely his.", asked Praxeda after a while when Robbie did not further-spoke any more and looked in the fire than he can contemplates there the scenery.
"Nobody, except him, could see them."
"This must not be called a lot.", said Praxeda and looked around in the room as if she expects to see standing a few people. she could describe
"He later till the smallest detail. Some people had assembled on the party already around him to listen in to the conversation. Sometime he requested them even to the dancing. And if she had not feared at the end of the party that he is too unroadworthy to drive home them, then he would have presumably done it."
.", you wanted to say with it if here suddenly people appear who seem to me lifelike should not disturb me further?"
Robbie nodded: "Maybe, but I do not know it exactly. I have no notion as such substances are measured generally." you have heard
"Then already once that such a stuff has killed somebody?"
Robbie shook truthfully his head. Before his spiritual eye, however, his catchline stood for some seconds: Rock star commits suicide with lover in snowy hell.
"I believe, this kind of substance, would capable itself soonest for a psychothriller.", said Praxeda."Somebody, mainly a woman, should be done in the insanity. From revenge or avarice presumably The substances would become to her; without her knowledge are given."
"Then we are just in a psychothriller.", Robbie said, relieves coming on other thoughts.
"No.", said Praxeda certainly."The motive is absent. A psychothriller mostly assumes a deep motive."
"Loneliness would be a motive.", said Robbie and considered seriously how to him in the sense coming.
"Loneliness is rather a motive for a dear drama, or not more than for a crime film.", answered Praxeda."As a move reason for a psychothriller not quite stimulating material. Protagonists do not occur in addition sometimes to me."
"Loneliness and Magic Mushrooms, this sounds for me after social drama or end time film.", said Robbie soberly.
"This resonates after catastrophe movie.", answered Praxeda so of deadly serious voice that Robbie looked them in amazement. Dogged she tried to suppress her laughter, however, as Robbie she looked from big eyes, both broke out again in gales of laughter.
"The protagonists could hardly keep before laughter.", Robbie produced under giggling. though "You do not know yet to what story they belong, but this should not keep them, from trying, from writing the screenplay independently. They created a new film direction: The psycho comedy!"
"I already has diaphragm cramps of the laughter.", said Praxeda giggling."Instead of to freeze to death, now I will die in the laughing fit in a psycho comedy."
you stretched itself out on the cushions, took a deep breath and looked with intertemporal giggling, dreams away in the flames.
"Like you write your screenplays.", Robbie appealed to them, after one moment of the silence."Knowledge you the stories before already and dress them then in text, or how can I fancy this?"
Praxeda turned on the side, supported the head on her arm and looked Robbie. Robbie had the immense feeling Dèjà-vu for seconds.
"This is quite different. Sometimes I think up only the people and the history then corresponds like by itself, or I know the history in coarse trains and add the people there.", she answered his question.
"Like you have started with your crime film comedy.", asked Robbie, now seriously interested.
"I has started to devise to me saying 'du' from scenes, a few actions, still nothing half and nothing whole. Maybe I will try a kidnapping. I wanted to think about everything in rest, in the hut."
Robbie tried to paint itself before his spiritual eye how she sat in her hut and scrapped the hair.
"As me in the cold before your wall stood, I decided to contribute in any case a composition in the comedy." Robbie looked at them tensely what would coming now. "Which is why you have pulled such a high, long wall around your area?" She hesitated: "With it here nobody coming in or with it nobody out?"
Robbie laughed: "Mostly, so that nobody coming out if I play new songs to my friends!"
Praxeda still giggled for a while: "I thought, this would be a military base here. With this wall! I would not have supposed a musician behind it."
"I also not!.", said Robbie with the inevitable grin. What equivocal remark, it went to him by the sense. "I am for a few days here, wanted to think in this hut about everything in rest."
you both stared again thoughtfully in the fire. Up to now I have searched
"Me presumably only. I am most time in the year from many humans surrounded.", said Robbie and was quiet.
Praxeda looked him expectantly whether he passed on.
"Here, however, has, I already a moment lonely felt, with myself, mean I."Robbie had been surprised from himself, why to him again loneliness in the sense coming. "Have felt you already once with itself lonesome?.", he horned his voice ask
Praxeda looked thoughtfully in the fire. Robbie remained only to look at them expectantly.
after an infinitely long moment when he already thought they would have forgotten the question, she answered.
"Just now I have felt lonely.", she said seriously."Trudged as me there in the darkness by the wood, I had the impression, I am the last human on earth. The only one what me has sped up, was the thought that I do not want to end thus." you have been
"How long there outdoors?.", Robbie asked and thought still about her answer
Praxeda twitched the shoulders: "I do not know exactly. Around two possibly, I have still called up friends, shortly after I have landed in the wood."
"Brrr.", Robbie shuddered with the thought."Sat as me early in the evening on the couch and from the window looked, I said myself, now not for love nor money I would want to trudge by this storm!"
"I am really glad about the fact that you have still done it..", said Praxeda sincerely."I owe to you that I do not frozen-stiff there outdoors have perished. What you have done, honours you!"
"Too much of the honour. Would not be also nice to find a stiff-frozen corpse tomorrow morning with the snowy shovel!.", answered Robbie grinning. She could remember this how her apologetic smile said him. "Now forgotten they besides not, that I have composed you under drugs and you are in a psycho comedy.", said Robbie grinning."I hope, you will award me!"
Praxeda wanted to say something, however, Robbie interrupted her: now "Before you say something premature, if I liked to ask you that you rather wait till tomorrow if the haunting is over with your forgiveness!" today
"What still the wonderful should already happen?, asked Praxeda, after it had thought for a while about it.
"Only no panic.", Robbie and drawn Praxeda and itself said a renewed laughing fit. "I have the impression, these mushrooms show her effect in intervals.", he horned say themselves when his gales of laughter had abated a little."A moment long I feel quite normal and already in the next, as if I stand same beside myself and listen to myself with the talking."
"Like one calls this condition?.", asked Praxeda. Robbie looked them questioningly.
"If somebody alcohol drinks, then he is sometime drunk.", she explained."If somebody smokes grass, one says, he would be stoned. Or with cocaine, how in film circles likes very much, or that the nose has powdered itself and has misbehaved so or is in march."
"In march?.", Robbie asked and asked himself really.
"Yes, to Bolivia, or in such a way."
"Having I never belongs.", admitted Robbie honestly.
"Like one calls then in the musician's scene?.", asked Praxeda with interest.
"Purely and simply: is on coke!"Robbie admitted laughing and held the opportunity for favorable to get new drinks. "I believe, on.", he said after a while in which he had contemplated the wonderful flames in her uniqueness, - particularly, the left small flame which always licks just a moment high "-.
Praxeda looked him without understanding.
"The condition.", he said."The condition under mushrooms."
"I am on.", she said laughing.
"Being able to do I only hope.", giggled Robbie. tomorrow "I am not out!"
Praxeda had understood the ambiguity and broke out at the same time with Robbie in a fit of laughter.
.", except that we have tomorrow presumably a hangover of the cognac we are still out!.", Robbie produced once again under convulsions of his facial muscles convulsively. It lasted for a while, until her laughing fits had died down and wiped them to themselves the laughing tears out of sight. Every now and then they giggled before themselves.
"Dèjà-vu", said Praxeda when it could form computer words with her mouth again. I have
"If we wide laughter, immediately only Dèjà-vu`s! My diaphragm immediately collapses.", admitted Robbie snorting."I need a serious subject!"
"Loneliness!.", she said. This worked a moment. "Loneliness can also be called: with itself united!.", said Praxeda certainly.
"Lonely united. Only, all one, still such a wordplay, with all one!.", Robbie nodded and found this thought more enormously illuminating.
Both looked tensely at the crackling fire play. Every now and then they giggled before themselves.
"Just now in the wood, lonely, I have also thought in murder!.", Praxeda said and tried to keep back her grin."I thought if I get these types, I kill them! Lonesome thought and murder!"
"This is presumably a normal, human reaction, I do not know what I would have wished these types everything to the neck.", Robbie said and tried to imagine how he would have felt. A lot of more interesting thought overcame him. "How would make you from our history a screenplay?.", he asked.
Praxeda looked him questioningly.
"Like you would make from our history a screenplay? A screenplay write, I think.", he repeated.
"I do not understand completely what answered you mine.", Praxeda and meant what she said.
"If I you would ask, from our history, I mine from our meeting to write a screenplay how you clerked this? I mean what would you write? How would you begin a screenplay?"
"You believe how did I describe our meeting?.", Praxeda asked and harvested with it shaking of the head.
"Yes, I mean, no what screenplay would you make from our meeting?.", he further asked.
"This would not presumably be very long.", said Praxeda and looked Robbie smiling."You mean a realistic representation?"
"No, I mean, let you play her imagination what could you make potentially from it?.", asked Robbie further.
"One could make endlessly a lot from it. But it would become only one fragment of a screenplay or be a film action. Unless, to you the sense stands after a documentary film, while they work should point and are shown experiences, under in that way by substances."
Robbie looked them as if he had got the answer to a question which he has not put at all.
Praxeda noted his uninterpretable view: "I do not understand completely on which you want to get out?" he started
"Question I sometimes thus.", finally."If I would ask you to write a screenplay in which you insert our history, I my our meeting what would you write? How do you begin with the screenplay?"
"I writes the action of my screenplays, so to speak, only in book form. Like a novel, this I can better fancy. Then I alter novel in a screenplay. Thus I have made this up to now, in any case.", answered Praxeda and had surprised at itself that she still got so complexed compositions.
"I would like to make a film.", said Robbie."Writing you the screenplay?" you have made
"Already once a film?.", Praxeda asks against.
Robbie shook the head, or that what he believed was still left of it. you do not underestimate
"This!" Again a shaking of the head.
"Wish you produce the film or direct or join in as an actor?" Robbie looked them surprised. He had still done not worry about it. "I think, most producers read a book or screenplay and if they like it, they want to bring as a film because they promise to themselves of it an amount of money."
"This is no matter.", horned Robbie say themselves.
"Before I can answer something this, I rather get some cognac.", said Praxeda and came along on the way to the bar. "For the fact that I have started only today with the drinking I prove an astonishing drinking firmness, I must admit this to myself.", she further talked than she passed to Robbie his drink and poked the fire.
Robbie had the impression, there it would not be the only one.
"I would drink with pleasure tea.", said Praxeda, after she would have tilted her cognac, like a cowboy in a western, after a long, dusty ride by the prairie, the whisky down, had down-tilted. "If you permit, do I cook tea if you have which?.", she added.
"You change the subject!"
"No, I thinks!"
Robbie looked them and did not know exactly where his eyes were.
Praxeda went to the kitchen and declaimed, so that Robbie could understand them: "in the novel form I would presumably become with a wretched, long description this, this.", they looked for a computer word, found the water kettle and put on tea water."Of this weather begin."
you thought for a while, while Robbie observed them with interest. "I have it!.", exclaimed Praxeda suddenly surprised."Bolivian marching powder!" Robbie looked them questioningly. "So one calls cocaine, often in the film branch."
"you still change the subject!.", shouted Robbie who had a good time for any reason at the moment royal.
"No, I thinks even more sharply after.", said Praxeda with a wide grin..", However, answer you to me first my question? Want you to be a producer, director or actor?"
"What made this for a difference."
"Maybe makes it the difference that I a part of the screenplay would be.", said Praxeda and looked in the cabinets for tea and dishes. "You presumably have no notion where this is?.", Praxeda and Robbie asked had surprised that he knew what she meant and also could still shake the head.
you found it in the only cabinet which remained on her search.
"I hope that at least the tea, tea is!.", she murmured when she prepared the tea.
you had found even a tray and composed it between them when she sat down again before the chimney.
"If you write first a novel. They would describe the winter and then?" Then I would have to describe
"You and my person." Why you say
.", my person and not me?"
"Because I could not describe myself!" they already have
"Oh, however, this. I think, you have yourselves in each of the women in: Muse in request, described."
"This is embarrassing for me if you this see so.", Praxeda admitted move and thought of the erotic scenes.
to that also thought Robbie! "Presumably, you have carried even one of the enchanted red clothes!.", Robbie added. Praxeda looked a moment in such a way as if an awful notion had been confirmed.
"Well now", said Praxeda and acted, as if she did not think further about it. "We have a musician and a scriptwriter and a meeting in the blizzard. If it should keep to it generally! I mean, in the film you can be all possible! Want you to identify with the person? I mean you be same? Truth or fiction?" Praxeda looked him expectantly, as if they an answer horn wanted. "Now one more genre is absent."Praxeda still waited for an answer. Robbie looked them steadfastly. "Hearing you to me generally to?.", she asked after a while in which she had looked steadfastly back.
"Every computer word!" nevertheless,
"To you something must have in mind!.", she said.
Robbie shook his head and had surprised itself how a little he could contribute to it: "I have no notion! I have never tried to write a history, to think up one generally only." Robbie thought for a while about it - and to many crumpled up note paper which mostly surrounded him if he wanted to write only one personal letter alone. To the confirmation he looked Praxeda shaking the head and twitched with the shoulders as if he stood before an insoluble riddle and sees no way out.
"Catch I with you in. I would describe you.", she said smiling.
"Like because?.", her Robbie interrupted and was suddenly curious, like she this would do good.
"I would describe you, as attractive, athletic, with beaming green cat's eyes, brown hair. An amount would already occur to me. As said, I mostly begin in novel form." Robbie looked them furthermore expectantly as if he was in a lecture and they the lecturer. "Then I would have to go.", she looked to the ceiling as if she can read there her text, and turned her eyes, finally, again on Robbie."Me describe. This is your role!"
"You describe?" She nodded.
"Oh, they are big and wonderful."
"This is a subjective description because they are on!.", she said grinning.
"Blond, slender, beaming, with long hair, long legs. Presumably I have already eaten the mushrooms, before you rang and this whole meeting takes place not at all really, but you are the woman to whom my friend has talked on the party. I could describe even your earlobes, or how lift the view from below, from your wonderful eyes you."
"Already better.", said Praxeda."I could also say of course, I have died with the blow on the head and am in the interempire."
"No!.", Robbie got a fright even at his loud voice. He jumped up and caught Praxeda firmly the shoulder. "My friend has never told about whether he could feel the invisible. Do you feel this?"
you nodded and in amazement he let go her shoulder.
"You have frightened me.", she said and poured in calmly the forgotten tea. "You hide from the mafia.", she spoke further and looked him amused."Or you are a jewel thief. Then it would maybe become a crime film. They are in it." She nodded to him as with the card game and Robbie really had the impression, he would be in the train.
.", However, you have got wise to me and are a so skilful deceiver that the thief does not notice at all that he himself should be robbed.", he said and sank again on the cushions. Robbie found fallen in the play: "You have climbed down the last of the still existing Greek gods and, because be a human to "You during all years that have asked the first time, how it is fine,
He looked them requesting and this time Praxeda had the feeling: she is in it."You have coming Thor, by chance, on the same thought. And none of us both gets to know at the end of the trip what means manhood."
Praxeda looked him requesting, he was in the train. Robbie twitched only with the shoulders and looked struggling for a new idea.
"You are a brilliant scientist who is just developing new theories in the rocket research, I coming from another planet and should prevent, this is a part of my mission, that this happens.", she explained directly out.
Robbie looked at them surprised.
.", Unfortunately, my spaceship has made a forced landing and so I must wait, until her space technology so far is progressed that I can repair the ship to get away here again!.", she further spoke than Robbie left it with a silence. you want to prevent
"Why that?"
"With it the humankind a dangerous illness, as our futurologists have found out, on the civilisations of other planets does not transfer."
"What illness?, asked Robbie again.
"Avarice!.", Praxeda looked him from glowing eyes. Robbie saw a fallen spaceship, concealed half in the snow. He thought a moment actual, this is the truth if not a small voice had whispered to him that he is no scientist! "I must fit.", he said as if he had no suitable card file. Praxeda waited.
you observed his mine play and tried to pull from it conclusions "Any association must have you, finally,.", she said.
Him overcame creeps when he contemplated his internal images.
"A moment I thought, I would have your eyeteeth as with a vampire see flashing, or you stripped your skin and under it a werewolf would coming to the prelight.", he horned his voice, you trouble the images to describe, say.
"Horror is not my world.", she replied and seemed to him like the Christmas angel. Then I am
"Probably old Scrooge from the Christmas fairy tale which the mind of the Christmas appears.", said Robbie, calms that her eyeteeth had contracted again on the normal size.
"Scrooge would have got nobody from the blizzard and as a vampire I would have coming by the skylight.", said Praxeda laughing. There you have
"Enough.", said Robbie and found her thought tremendously logical what might always also means this. "I have surprised how somebody can think up the whole story.", he added and had the impression that the play is over.
"This is presumably the same activity to compose how a piece of music.", answered Praxeda."The sections have developed, fit together to a whole."
Robbie nodded in the affirmative and thought of his team of people who developed his basic idea.
"Without music, the most exciting stripe would be probably dull!.", spoke Praxeda further.
"And without video there coming no piece of music on the market.", replied Robbie certainly. you have made
"Already a music video?.", asked Praxeda with interest.
"Yes, already some.", he answered truthfully.
"Being able to do I them see what happen.", asked Praxeda.
Robbie only wanted to lie that he would have no film in stock. A few scenes of his videos occurred to him. Exhibition more numerously of unrestrained extras, smooch scenes, which he from her to wake no wrong impression of himself rather wanted to keep. However, there she had already been in the television room and had seen the long shelve rows of full video films, it seemed to him cleverer not to get entangled even deeper in lies. The feigned broken phone occurred to him. "Of course you can see the films, however if you have nothing against it, I would show you to you with pleasure only if I can look again normally.", he horned himself, instead say. "I must still only pick out them also!.", he added, in hope that she would say already immediately: Only no circumstances. Praxeda grinned and her mouth formed to a nice smile.
.", Ah, I understands.", she said. Robbie asked himself what she had probably understood. "Completely, to tell the truth, I would not like to agree that you are handicapped of it or a wrong impression of me!.", he horned his voice say."I find miraculous that I can be once I myself.", he horned himself with his surprise add."I mine unhandicapped!"
"Being able to do I understand.", said Praxeda and looked him from frank eyes.
Robbie looked back steadfastly and asked itself whether she had really understood what he meant. Whether he had understood it himself, he ventured to ask not at all only. "I find this nice to sit here with you.", he further spoke."Even if I have to owe to a crime. I like the idea to make a film and to insert our meeting in it."
"You still want to make a film?.", she asked grinning.
"Yes.", he nodded in the affirmative and asked himself whether to him was generally clear what he said there.
"What chance.", Praxeda said beaming grinning as if they had been introduced just to each other."I am a scriptwriter! Want you to be victims, outcast, lover, rogue or hero?"
"Being able to do I do not say yet." At the moment the sense stood to him soonest after a love story, he did not want to admit this now, nevertheless. "What do you if you know in your action not further?.", he asked to bring himself on other thoughts.
"I considers the facts which I already have and a result tries to move from it." then
"Fact is that you were attacked and we have thereby met with each other!"
"No.", said Praxeda with scientific expression."Fact is that I have rung with you and you have let in me. Everything what you know about me and everything what I know about you, we have said ourselves to each other! Fact is, I stood before your door and then you have destroyed the gate." we have
"Not even more an author and a musician!.", said Robbie in a tone as if he had lost something.
Praxeda nodded in the affirmative."We have two people and a measurable time, then the history would be over fast. If we take now these same people and spin round them a net from possibilities.
"Fact is, you have lain unconsciously before the door!"
"Maybe this was only simulated to get me access! Really I have not been attacked at all!"
Robbie looked them in amazement, this possibility had not coming to him at all in the sense.
, Nevertheless, Praxeda, lectured, unimpressed from his play of features further: "Maybe have broken you here, or you hide here from somebody, or you are a computer hacker who wants the world domination! The unpredictable case, the tension construction and the logic of a history are not given with the idea yet. Who is bad rogue, who well, who? Do we have a love story, a crime film, thriller, drama, or whatever? Are we the good or the bad persons? Are we in each case one?"
Robbie reached for the cigarettes and was infected in all peace of mind. "I understand.", he said after the first train of his cigarette."An action is absent and a genre."Wonderful smoke squiggles wound by the air. Robbie sauntered to the bar and poured out himself a cognac. Now he needed a little stronger than tea. He held up Praxeda questioningly the bottle and she nodded.
"Yes, please."
.", However, what is the unpredictable case?.", he asked and passed her one double cognac.
"Accepted, this would be a love story.", explained Praxeda as if she had read his thoughts."You have picked up me just from the storm and we thaw in the sauna. Of unpredictable manner, your woman, you wants to visit in this evening, in spite of blizzard, and surprises you, misinterprets the situation and the rest of the film, goes therefore, like you to your woman who explain truth and win back them."
"I has no woman." He did not have in mind film of such type with certainty and he tried to fancy himself the scenery. "No, no woman!.", he finished speaking according to his thoughts.
"You want to identify with the protagonist!.", there grinned Praxeda and steered Robbies attention again on itself. "Be you dear rogue, or one of the good q> wish?.", she further asked.
Robbie was still arrested to the love story. He fancied Praxeda as a nice spy, on the run before Secret Services and mafia. Did she have important information which wants to have both parties for itself? Which was then his role. Exposure or protection? "On the side of the good.", he said when he recalled her question to himself again."The rogues we already have! These types which you have attacked!" He looked Praxeda as if he had contributed just a brilliant flash of thought."You also do not look like a rogue. Then rather how a Mata Hari, on the run before Secret Service and mafia." Just still you believed
.", in my cover a werewolf would be hidden and now you credit me with no rogue?.", Praxeda laughed warmly. "Who says you that my gangster's colleagues do not stand before the door and we plan your kidnapping!"
Robbie looked them irritated, he had roofed a moment this possibility and had rejected them in a nanosecond again. Directly he saw Praxeda in the eyes."Also you stand on the side of the good, your straight view says this me. If is not in such a way, you are a wonderful actress and might hardly be able to escape before film offers."
Praxeda nodded and looked at him as if it had received just confirmation. "Want to identify you with the unmarried protagonist, stand on the side of the good be rather a hero, than a victim, think to me the role, one of the good to and the role of the villains we already have. Nevertheless, I knew that you had to have in mind something!" She grinned at the whole face.
Robbie remembered it, like he had still shaken a short time ago, the head. Nevertheless, you must have in mind something! now
"We have about one genre and now need the action!.", explained Praxeda."We must explain ourselves what the rogues want. Nevertheless, for a whole crime film, her present guest appearance was too short!" Praxeda laid her forehead in mental folds.
"You must be on the run before a Secret Service, or the mafia!.", explained Robbie, after he had tried some time to find logical roads.
"About which it goes?.", Praxeda Robbie asked as if he can explain to her this.
"Spying? They own important information, or you are a principal witness in a mafia process and you have just succeeded in escaping your bloodhounds!.", Robbie she grinned. you are
"Who?" Presumably I am
"A former agent who has withdrawn for the time being into the loneliness and when unpredictable factor has got in the history and risks everything to thwart the plans of the rogues."
"Murder or abduction?.", Praxedas luminous eyes flashed him in. The rogues have not computed of course
"With the fact that you bump here in the wilderness into strengthening, in the form of a fight machine and we form an alliance. Not only your kidnapping, but also the murder plot against you is thwarted!"
Praxeda grinned at the whole face and Robbie felt with his explanation, his muscles swell. The fight machine is ready! He liked the thought, to the gangsters in strength and intelligence consider to be!
"Then we deal with a whole organisation of gangsters!.", admitted Praxeda."Who stands still on our side?"
Both fell in pondering silence and looked at the fire that in burn down was. Robbie added on some wooden logs which animated it. Praxeda observed him carefully. Just still she had made in thoughts from him a criminal computer hacker who wants to bring from his confidential command centre in the cellar, all forms of government of the world to the cancel, or him as a kidnapping victim of a criminal union seen - and they arrived as an unpredictable factor, however, now she listened in tensely to his silence. Praxeda the uncanny feeling had a moment that his conducting was the truth, now it would have to find only somebody who believes in them. only the unpredictable factor will show
"This.", Robbie answered her question."The good stands there mostly all alone!"
a flash of thought let Praxeda a moment prick up the ears in the reality. "Something disturbs me in the whole story!.", she horned somebody with her voice say."What have lost the rogues here really in the midst of the wilderness?"
Robbie twitched the shoulders and saw before his eyes, his nice Mata Hari still by the snow rush, on the run before her henchman.
"We are here in the midst of meagerly settled surroundings.", Praxeda, his attention steered again on itself."The next places are about 25 to 35 kilometres away both. The street leads in the mountains and ends in a leisure arrangement which is closed now. How do the rogues come here?" She looked Robbie excitedly."Why commit them a murder attempt, only to steal a carriage? If they had got lost, nevertheless, they would have waved joyfully! Why they simulate a misfortune?" She put back her head and her spread fingers on the forehead as if it can concentrate with it her thoughts better upon a point. Robbie observed them carefully and asked himself what proceeded now probably in her head. Their eyes looked him clearly when it turned to him: "I suppose, you are a very successful musician!"You spoke in a tone which contained no more question."Being it in general known where you stay?"
"No.", somebody said with Robbies voice."I have said it nobody."
you was quiet again and laid her fingers on the forehead, stared fascinatedly in the fire as if she can pull out there the information which she needed and for one moment her eyes shut as if she does not want to look that what she had just seen.
"Feeling you to itself badly.", asked Robbie anxiously.
you shook something what felt like a leg: "I feel only strange!"
"Feeling you to itself unwell.", he further asked.
"I has just a strange feeling.", said Praxeda and tried to locate her body parts. Their sparkling eyes flashed."My perception is changed strangely. My arms and legs feel infinitely long."
Robbie did not know so surely what he should start with her explanation. She looked him from big eyes: "I can only hope that you have passed your lite education, as a fight machine with bravado, because I fear, we will still need them." She said this with such a conviction that Robbie resolutely nodded,, but even though from her gossip did not become smart. "Begin with the rogues, the good and the bad persons?.", Praxeda laughed at her joke which nobody, except to her, understood."Knowledge you what means this?.", she produced under laughter and gave to him no time to answer: "We are already in the middle of a film and nobody, nobody more stands on our side!"
Robbie felt, although his giggling said something else, with a blow sobered and uneasy. He looked them questioningly, his instinct was warned, however, his mind could discover no danger. He had to have missed something. "I do not think that we are put out here to any danger.", he tried to talk himself and Praxeda and deeply looked to her in the eyes. "The most dangerous here, we are same.", he further talked."This whole gossip around a crime film, has you under influence of mushrooms, mixed up a little." He searched for a confirmation in Praxedas eyes: "And not only you!"

Stockard Darius and Shona Fox had leant back comfortably, in the comfortable seats of the British airways machine. The driver of the carriage had got, in spite of the London Christmas traffic, on time to bring them to the airport. Darius put down on his mental memo to give to the driver after his return, immediately a pay raise. After the first whisky which the friendly shining stewardess had brought him Darius calmed down a little and the fright images of tied up, gagged Robbie, before his spiritual eye, had changed from that point of view that he saw sitting him now well protected, with a nice woman in the arm, before a flickering open fire. Darius summed up in thoughts the day and wished imploringly, his fears may turn out fallacy. He observed Shona whom a laptop before himself on the small table stand had, darkly tinted glasses carried which reminded him of a Science fiction and worked on untiringly her keyboard. "You should rest a little.", he appealed to them, after she had given no attention to his scrutinising view.
Shona gives him a beaming smile and a quick side glance, however, had apparently no time to answer to him, but further hacked in her keyboard. To him it occurred that Shona von Kadda and Malcolm with view sure about victory had collected a bank note. "About which have bet you?.", he asked, after he had watched her some minutes furthermore.
"We have bet, how long it lasts, to you with us below are.", Shona said grinning and threw to him one surprise view.
"You have won!"Darius looked them curiously."What have estimated you?"
"Three minutes after your calling in Switzerland."
.", Ah!.", Darius did not dare to ask, where from she knew so fast that he had called up Switzerland. "What have said Kadda and Malcolm?.", he asked, instead.
"Kadda two minutes and Malcolm four.", she answered scarcely.
Darius laughed only, then was quiet and his view darkened for one moment. Shona noted his sullen view and looked to him directly in the eyes.
"I am your security expert, Stockard.", she said almost tooth-baring, however, in quiet tone to him."You can fire me with pleasure if you have not like my approach, however, only after we have cleared this whole thing here."
"Preserving! Shona!.", angry Darius bubbled to her against."You are the best security expert whom we ever had. Since you are with us, there has never been a safety deficiency."
"Having you me immediately informs that Winterblum has disappeared, then we would become, instead of here in the airplane.", Shona changed her cynical tone against winning murmuring: "Sit with a wonderful dinner in the candle-light, quiet music horn and consume delightful food. Raise the glass to us and deeply in the eyes look!"
"Oh Shona, I loves you.", Darius exclaimed joyfully and fought laughing with the hand on his knee."For one year I invite you almost every day to food and every day you let me like an idiot stand there!"
"You find also almost every day a suitable substitute.", replied grinning Shona sharp.
"This is only a pastime and no love!.", said Darius laughing.
"Knowledge you, Stockard.", replied Shona chilly."You love always only what you cannot have. As soon as it has become accessible to you, it bores you. This is your quite personal problem and I do not want to be with certainty your toys!"
Darius looked them surprised which seriousness lay in her voice.
"I am your security sex pert!.", she added laughing and brought him with it to the laughter.
Shona devoted itself again to her keyboard to and worked on them as if she must make up for the spread time. you do
"What there all the time?.", Darius appealed to them once more, you do not want to know
"This, believe me this!.", Shona whispered to him to and passed to him, instead, one of these Science fiction glasses them from her hand luggage rummaged about. "Putting you the glasses on!.", she said certainly, after he had taken them, but by no means wanted to touch down.
Darius put on them and looked amazed at the different monitor which showed images on the inside of the glasses. you see
"Of right just the account movements of the union to the rehabilitation of delinquents: Golden throat.", Shona explained without following his astonishment. Darius tried to decipher the rattling figure rows. "Left is a list of the phone calling, the Praxeda Empress during the last 24 hours has effected, the other windows are a reservation for taxi, airplane, snowy sledge and what we else need in such a way if we have come.", explained Shona further."Then are there still the windows for Loretta Diamond, alias Vanessa Praxton, Crazy Will and Winterblum."
Darius tore to itself the glasses of the nose. "Like can take up you only these vast amounts of data at the same time?.", he exclaimed surprised and admired her organisation talent. I am not able to do
"This at all."Shona looked furthermore tensely at internal of her glasses."In addition I need Kadda and Malcolm." however, nevertheless,
"You are not just online!.", said Darius, himself his statement certainly. you do not want to know
"This, believe me this!.", Shona repeated her composition from just now and grinned as if had them a secret.
Darius put on his glasses again and tried to recognise the order of the windows of information."
"We did not use some frequency them are needed.", Shona to him murmured to and left him further to the image flood.
"Skill you explain to me what means all that?.", he asked after a while in which he did not become smart from the kind of the information.
"I can give you a coarse summary, this is, I think, for you more understandably."
Darius already wanted to answer, he would have no communication problems, however, another view on the bewildering mess on the glasses inside, taught him of a better and he nodded to the confirmation.
Shona set down her glasses, Darius did it to her after and she looked round, before she spoke, first whether one of the fellow-passengers of her entertainment gave attention. Obviously contented, from her review she cleared up him, after a quick view on the clock by the monitor. "We fly another about 1 hour. So the summary: Loretta Diamond, alias Vanessa Praxton, 23 years old, grew up in different boarding schools of the United States, to Great Britain, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and still of some of the other states." Shona had put on an erudition's look and Darius listened in had stretched how it would go on. "From most boarding schools was thrown out them on account of some scandals. There has been the last scandal about two years ago in a boarding school in Luxembourg. Vanessa enticed the headmaster and, besides, some class-mates have filmed them. They tried to blackmail the headmaster, however, he admitted his mistake and asked for his dismissal. At that time the media have a whirl around him, for the demureness dangerous headmaster made and after his dismissal he has disappeared without a trace. For two years Vanessa Praxton lives predominantly in Switzerland and is, as Loretta Diamond, partner of the agency Rosenblüte! The other partner is a school friend of Vanessa from Luxembourg, Meloury Killmer. It was also involved in the scandal around the headmaster. One year ago Vanessa was arrested once in the United States where she had at that time also a residence because of drug possession. It was arrested by the FBI! If a few days were in safekeeping and coming, without prepunishment of it! Three days later she moved again in Switzerland."
A stewardess coming and asked for her wishes. Darius wanted to shoo away them quite annoyingly, however, Shona asked them friendly smiling for two waters and a whisky for Darius. As long as the stewardess worked, Darius from the window tried to stare and to conceal his impatience. Shona thanked the stewardess and spoke only wide when she was except hearing width. Praxton got to know
"Madolyn Praxton, born maxim, Vanessas mother, 24 years ago in Monte Carlo. She was a dancer in a bar. She married William Praxton, a year before Vanessas birth. For about four years Madolyn of the image plane has disappeared, however, dives under her maiden name; as chairpersoning of the union to the rehabilitation of delinquents: Golden throat, again on."
Darius raised surprised an eyebrow: "Of The union Caleb Cheyenne his whole accounts has headlined?" Shona nodded. Then we have taken
"Still the other model agencies who are in the contact land-covering with rose blossom under the magnifying glass! All together we are pushed into twelve other supposed kidnapping and some saying 'du' money transactions of clients of these agencies in golden throat!"
"Sounding after an international criminal organisation.", said Darius and waited tensely for further information.
Shona nodded again and further spoke: "William Praxton, Crazy Will, lives for four years in Luxembourg and has not left the country since that time any more. Some bank robberies, weapon pushing, drug trafficking, briberies and corruption are charged on him in different countries, however, the proofs never were enough that against him an arrest warrant was obtained. His personal assistant, Jeroen Imogen, has given a receipt for his service with the FBI about two years ago and has started shortly after with Praxton." Shona drank a gulp of water and took up the thread again. "Praxeda Empress. Cursorily contemplated everything seems to be with her in order. However, something is too smooth, in her curriculum vitae!"
Darius drank a gulp of his whisky, he did not want by unnecessary questions, Shonas concentration interfere and she looked furthermore tensely.
"You has for eight years a residence in the states, strictly speaking in New York and for three years a flat in London. No prepunishments, not even an entry because of speed violation, but a gun licence!"
Darius whistled by the teeth, did not interrupt Shona, however.
"Your occupation is given with author. She has sold a screenplay two years ago that the last year was filmed. Muse in request, maybe you remember the film, he has had very good criticism."
Darius nodded, and could keep back when he thought of the film a grin not.
"Of The owners of her New York flat is the Central Intelligence agency!"
"You mean, she could be an agent of the CIA?"Darius looked Shona in amazement.
you twitched with the shoulders: "Possibly would be this! She had some visas for different countries and during the last three years before it has not once gone away about five years in which she was unobtrusive as for the rest. She had no account movements or issues till three years. The only one what we presumably certainly know is that it has ordered the holiday apartment really one week ago by telephone and has got on the way today morning there. Though the holiday apartment has phone, however, nobody goes come on. Our security people have been just with the house supervisor and he could identify them on account of a photo. The people still need some time, until they reach the property. The carriage, the Praxeda Empress today morning has rented, about two kilometres were removed from the property, were located. He does not seem to move from the place." Shona was quiet and tried Darius to let go the amounts in information, once again by the head.
"Having to do we do not inform the Secret Services, or, finally, at least the Swiss state police.", he asked.
Shona shook the head: "At that time would be imprudent this. One would concentrate only upon how we have reached to our information. Moreover, nobody would be there faster, than we! If you want to have survived, we are able to do to the Secret service or Interpol, if send we here healthy, a few anonymous tips. But now this has, I think, no priority!"
"How long will last it, until we are in the property?.", he asked, finally.
"Presumably midnight.", answered Shona."Maybe also a little earlier. This comes on the weather relations."
Darius started to drum nervously with his fingers on the armchair armrest, however, a disapproving view of Shona made him lean back in the attempt of the relaxation and wait.
Shona smiled at him friendly: "Enjoyment them the half an hour at which you still have rest. Immediately if we have come, a carriage brings us to a snowy sledge leader who brings us to a small airport where we rise in a small sports machine which brings us to an other snowy sledge leader who drives us in the mountains."
Darius Finger worked on nervously the armchair armrest again, however, Shona laid to him reassuringly the hand on the arm."To The phone signal to result, is Vanessa Praxton about 30 kilometres away from the property. Give yourselves no unnecessary troubles Stockard. Where could Winterblum be better lifted, than in the arms of a nice CIA agent?"

Jeroen Imogen stretched the hand to the ringing phone and lifted bored the listener to his ear. After few seconds, his bored face changed into a fossilized look. He hissed: "Moment!.", in the phone and waved Crazy to wanting. "Boss, our people have found Lorettas carriages! Rip is on the apparatus.", explained Jeroen essentially. He put the phone on speak without notes and said to the caller: "The boss listens!"
from the other end of the circuit was nothing than horn embarrassed silence to. A voice cleared the throat and started to speak hesitantly: "Boss? We have found Lorettas carriages." then
"Where to the devil puts Loretta?.", there barked Crazy wants to go back.
"Boss? The carriage has thrown down an embankment and half lies in a lake."
"Being Loretta what passes?.", Crazy Wills voice sounded quiet and dangerous.
"We do not know exactly what has happened. The distance is complete just and, as usual, them there below have got, voluntarily they have not made indeed."
"Having you then in the carriage checked?.", asked Jeroen impatiently.
"Yes! Of course! No track of Loretta or her chauffeur. Some boss.", the caller replied and wrapped himself again in silence.
"What?.", there growled Crazy Will when the caller was quiet longer than his patience could stand.
"We have found blood in the carriage."
"Like you have found the carriage generally if he lies below with the embankment?, Jeroen interrupted the caller.
Again clearing the throat: "He, we have not found him!"
"Who has found him then?.", Crazy Will heaved his immense body from his armchair high and was based threateningly at the desk.
"He, this were people of a security who said, they would have found the carriage with a detection device. We acted in such a way as if we had gone past by chance because we want to visit our families in the area."
"Where are these security people now?.", Jeroen asked and anticipated already that the caller still something hid.
"He, they lie in the carriage.", admitted the caller hesitantly.
"Lying?.", there growled Crazy Will.
"Boss, them have put funny questions: If they are for a long time here in the rural surroundings and how wide it is an Eden still to the settlement. What should we do, boss? Loretta search?"
"Being them deadly.", Jeroen asked slowly and looked tensely at Crazy Will.
"No, long-distance lorry driver has shot them only with the stun gun. We have kept to the order. What should we make with them boss?"
Crazy Will looked with falcon's eyes at Jeroen who stood firm impartially to the view of his boss.
"Your goddamned idiot!.", roared the boss against the caller."You can be glad that you have now no lousy murders of the arse." Crazy Wills complexion resembled a turkey in the mating season and he dropped himself wheezing again in his armchair. He meaned Jeroen in his sign language, by a wiping off movement that he left him free hand and Jeroen instructed the caller.
"As the first calls her all hospitals and doctors whether Loretta and her chauffeur were delivered somewhere. Then you provide for the fact that these people stay alive, Best you bring them in the next hospital. Are you sure that Loretta has not drowned?"
"Yes, the carriage has broken in the ice and has got stuck. The water has reached just the driver seat."
"Where has been the blood?.", Jeroen asked further and started to work with his laptop.
"On the back seat. Here still lies a phone." The caller was quiet again and Jeroen horned from the silence that a little bit was not said yet. there is
"What else?.", asked Jeroen in an impatient tone.
"He, boss? These types have searched a girl and we have still found a photo of Loretta with them."
"Holding to you to the instructions!.", Jeroen returned in a tone which tolerates no contradiction and closed the telephone call. Crazy Will, sat in his armchair and observed Jeroen carefully. wanting Praxton grunted
"These damned shooting-furious idiots.", against his assistant. "You have made arbitrarily orders without which we would have now a few corpses in the neck. I am surrounded only by idiots. The only human on whom I can still count sits here with me, at the wrong place."
"Being this a praise or a threat boss?.", Jeroen asked and struggled to his boss with it a grin, but no answer from.
"Winterblum will bleed for it.", he said, instead, and heaved his mighty body from his seat up once more. "We fly in Switzerland.", he cleared up his assistant.
"This is too dangerous, boss.", Jeroen replied and looked surprised at his boss."Not only that here today on the phone things were said which can bring everybody in the jail to us if the encoding code is cracked now you want yourself still on the salver composed?"
"Ready everything for the trip before and get to me these idiots Pitsch, Snake and Rustin to the phone."
Jeroen already believed, the boss would roar again after his serving-maid, however, Crazy Will went silently from the room. The assistant typed thoughtfully some lines in his computer and followed in thoughts his boss, to the only place in which he might never accompany him.

Crazy Will Praxton dragged his body mass by the immense wine cellar vaults of his property. He caught to himself a bottle of wine, studied contently the year and walked before a wall behind which no one would have supposed other vaults. He made sure once again that nobody crept around of his clerked to itself here and pushed a small cipher which he carried around the neck, in a cipher hole which was concealed behind a masonry unit. The wine shelve which stood before the wall swung itself up silently, up to a light clink of the wine bottles they lay in it, aside and a door concealed behind it glided noiselessly and he entered. Before him lay the comfortably furnished, gigantic cellar vault space which was dipped now in dim light. An elegant, slender woman, in a plain grey dress, sat on a couch and read in the weak beam of light of a reading lamp, in a book, they before themselves on the lap lie had. She did not look up, as a Crazy Will the room entered, nevertheless, snapped shut the cover as if she does not want that he stained the content by his view.
"Madolyn?.", Crazy Will was surprised over and over again as nice it is, nevertheless. He got two glasses from a sideboard, opened the wine and sank with it crashing, towards Madolyn, on a couch.
"William.", she said, finally, and her clear eyes looked to him in the face.
He poured out a glass of wine and passed it to her groaning above the table. Madolyn took the glass and attached Praxton furthermore with quiet view. He also poured out himself a wine and leant back with it. "I go away.", he said, finally, after a while in which he had contemplated them silently. you say
"Why me this?.", asked Madolyn quietly."You were not long here below, William."
"Being you already suffer the society of your lover?.", Crazy Wills face a bitter grin accepted.
Madolyn was quiet with fossilized look and her eyes looked hard at her opponent. "You have murdered your best friend because you thought, we would have a relation. Are you not sorry?.", Madolyn looked sadly at a wall which was concealed behind a carpet.
Crazy Will followed her view."Wanting you see him not even more?"Being malicious laughter spread out in the space."At least he keeps his good appearance!"Crazy Will laughed at his own joke.
"You are not sorry that you have murdered Winston?.", Madolyn asked him once more.
He shook the head and she slowly got up, strode up to them, behind the carpet concealed wall, and pulled down the right carpet with a jerk. He had almost got a fright at the eerie sight which his former business partner Winston Wood, upright standing, dresses only in a fig leaf, in his glass, bluish green to illuminated, formaldehyde to watered coffin offered.
"Show him to you well in, William!.", she said with a voice which did nearly one creeps about the back to him. "You are a cruel human, William.", Madolyn said and composed itself slowly again on the couch without giving an other view to the illuminated coffin.
"Loretta has disappeared!.", Crazy Will said without turning away the view of the eerie scenario.
you looked him questioningly.
"Vanessa has disappeared!.", he repeated and overthrew his glass of wine in a train down. Then I hope
"That it has run away with a good man, William.", Madolyn answered quietly, however, her eyes carried a concerned view.
Crazy Will was quiet for a while, looked round in the prison and had found, finally, the suitable computer words. "I will search them and somebody will pay for it!.", he produced growling.
"I says you if Vanessa with a man has run away and you kill him, God will punish you for it.", she said bitterly."Vanessa will see in you, finally, the monster that from you has become that now you are."
"Vanessa is my child. She loves her father!.", said Crazy Will certainly.
"You speak of love and leave Bad so deeply in your heart?"Madolyn laughed bitterly.
"You sound, like a pastor's aunt.", Crazy Will laughed unamused at his computer words."Having the wrong reading!"
"I wishes you an opponent who has no fear of you.", she added with quiet voice. Madolyn contemplated him chilly: one day "Believing you not, Vanessa will find out that you hold prisoner me here?"
Crazy Will heaved his mass from the sofa high and grabbed above the table away after the book which lay on the sofa. "Such a nonsense.", he said contemptuously."Technologies and methods of the hypnosis, there belong to it scientist and different serums and instruments, you believe this would function so?" Contemptuously he threw the book in a corner and came along on the way to leave the room. He pushed over furiously the door, so that he did not horn any more what said Madolyn smiling: "This has it already, William. This already has it!"

Jeroen Imogen felt how the mighty paw of Crazy Will Praxton on his shoulder lay down.
"Having you everything prepares?.", asked the boss scarcely.
Jeroen nodded. The luggage was ready, the followers were instructed and the trip was organised almost ready. "I have had, in the meantime, also Snake and Rustin on the phone. This time the fools have not at least forgotten to let the phones switched on. They wait for other instructions.", said Jeroen and took a deep breath. "However there are constraints at the airport because no places should be more free, I think we should improvise.", he looked his boss expectantly."Certainly we can buy flight tickets if we offer a good price. The next airman goes in forty minutes. We are expected from our people, in Switzerland, at the airport."
Crazy Will nodded scarcely.
"Like we want to go forward, boss?.", Jeroen asked and looked Crazy Will tensely. Jeroen found, the clothes of his boss mostly looked, if he, as he supposed from whom cellar coming, crumpled and ragged. Every now and then even some buttons were absent. Today, nevertheless, only his tie had slipped. Only he had supposed a wild animal in the cellar, however, Crazy Will never had Scratching or biting tracks. Thus only vague supposition remained to him.
"I wants to tear out to this stinker all limbs individually!.", Crazy Will grunted and crushed an apple which he had taken from a fruit bowl between his paws.
"To Whom? Boss?.", asked Jeroen hesitantly, still in the unclear about what the boss planned generally.
"Winterblum.", there growled Crazy wants to go back and flung the crushed apple leftovers furiously on the ground.
Quietly without knocking glided with feline movement, a black-covered shape in the room and bowed silently to Crazy Will. Two flashing, dark and dangerous eyes were to be recognised merely by a narrow ocular slit, Every time if Jeroen saw the dumb servant of Crazy Will what did not coming really often before, creeps which crept to him stealthily by the back advice overcame him. Whether he was really dumb, or only did not speak, he had not found out at these meetings.
"You worry about everything!.", the boss with quiet voice instructed the covered.
The shape bowed again and glided so quietly as it had coming in the room, again out. Jeroen had not found out yet what the covered had to fulfil for duties, however, he was sure that it with the secret in the cellar, in petto he called it William's mystery from which he already anticipated what it could be, in connection stood. Without following further his lines of thought, Jeroen turned again carefully to the boss.
"Like we want to go forward?"
The boss remained silent.
"I has sent even other people on the search for Loretta!.", explained Jeroen and expected a reaction of his boss."And if Carlos, Loretta has kidnapped?"
Crazy Will looked for some seconds surprised at Jeroen, however, declined immediately. "This would not venture Carlos!" nevertheless,
"Boss, this is a fixed idea to let pay disappearance Winterblum for Lorettas.", Jeroen faltered when he noted the furious view of Crazy Will. "Our people can do for you.", he added in harmless tone."Maybe has sent off Darius also security people to search Loretta because she has come not, as agreed!"
"Then I want to convince myself of it! We go to Winterblum!" then
"Like we want to go forward?.", asked Jeroen repeatedly, tensely what the boss would have now again for a brilliant idea.
The boss had composed itself again in his armchair and his forehead folds testified of the fact that he thought. Crazy Will thought a moment of Snakes improvement suggestions of throwing down numbing gas from the helicopter and of storming the area with a small unity, however, the only helicopter which was available was already in Eden. "Being these idiots, in the meantime, on position?.", asked the boss grunting.
"Rustin said, he would have found, in the meantime, the helicopter, now he waits for the fact that Pitsch and Snake appear there again."
Crazy Will meaned Jeroen to him writing materials to bring and bent with it over the table, with the writer nervously on the tabletop beating. "Pitsch and Snake have found the buckle, in the meantime?" Jeroen shook the head. "No, boss. Then I have given them Rustins co-ordinates, now they are on the way to the helicopter."
"Getting to me these idiots to the phone!"Crazy Will began with his pencil on the block which lay before him to outline something.
Jeroen chose successively on two phones the call numbers and put the telephone system on conference call. It lasted some seconds, until the ringing tones sounded and announced to themselves from the other end of the circuit excited voices.
"Yes, boss?"
Crazy Will still considered some seconds and then barked his commands: "Rustin, you wait, to Pitsch and Snake are with you. Then you attach an explosive cargo in the security gate."
"Having to do I already blast open the gate?.", asked Rustin meekly.
Jeroen observed carefully his boss what would coming now. Crazy Will ignored Rustins question and spoke unflustered further: "Snake, you bring the carriage of the buckle before the security gate and when Rustin sprinkles the gate, you overpower the security people with the stun gun. Rustin, then you get your curs and search the woman! How the buckle is called and where it lives?"
It lasted some time, to Snake which seemed to rummage about somewhere, answered."You Praxeda Empress is called, lives in London in the park Lane 23, Mayfair." then
"Snake, you keep in check the security people, until we arrival."
"Arrival? Boss?.", Snakes voice almost the control had lost.
"This is a command!.", Crazy roared wants to go back and meaned Jeroen to interrupt the circuits. you plan
"What, boss?.", Jeroen asked and looked tensely at Crazy Will.
"You most smartly a few people from London in this flat and provide for the fact that from this Empress a psychic grandpa's tablemaker becomes a fan! A few photos and newspaper articles, a little explosive, a few guns, a few threatening letters! We have already found our murderer! If she still lives, we take one of our scientists, that will already beat her into the truth!" Crazy Will banged itself joyfully in the hands."Then most smartly you still somebody in Lorettas flat and to rose blossom. Maybe we think a tip where is to the devil Loretta!
Jeroen started to obey immediately, after a quick view on the clock, the instructions. After a few minutes, he had ordered everything and looked his boss requesting: "We have to go, boss!"

"Such a shit.", roared Snake."Thus one shit brain bugger off rat's mud!" Pitsch looked at his front seat passenger surprised. Snake, itself just still had joyfully the hands over the head hit when Jeroen gave him the co-ordinates of the helicopter and said them that Rustin waited there for them and now he cursed and hit with the fist furiously on the console. Pitsch just wanted to ask, as the suddenly hissing front seat passenger's air bag of the carriage which was behind the console jumped up and Snakes the next insult tirades swallowed. Snake fell furiously on the air bag and further cursed. He pulled calling a penknife from his pocket and started working on the air bag with it. Pitsch let him make and went on calmly intently, until a shout of Snake drew the attention of him. Snakes face distorted with pain had become white as chalk and he pressed to himself a hand on his leg.
"You idiot have pricked yourself your knife in the leg.", Pitsch noted as if he talks about the weather.
Snake looked him furiously."Hold only your silly knob!" the boss has said
"What.", Pitsch asked as if nothing has happened.
Snake rummaged on the back seat, found a blouse and started to tear them in stripe to supply his bleeding wound with it. "The boss coming here.", he said, takes care his pain not to let mark.
"The boss comes?.", repeated Pitsch as if he can understand the said only by parroting's."Here?" Snake nodded scarcely and pressed the lips suppressed on each other. "We should storm with Rustin the building which daze security people and keep in check Winterblum, until the boss arrives!" we should not bring
"Him any more about the border?.", asked Pitsch amazed.
Snake shook the head."I think sometimes, the boss wants to pay a calculation with him. The carriage here, we should put down before the security gate."
"Knowing you what plans Crazy Will "Asked Pitsch and scratched in the head.
Snake shook the head again: "Maybe he wants to bump off Winterblum and push everything on the Empress. Rustin should search them with his dogs!" Snake had made his association ready and leant back dogged."Thus a goddamned, dirt's bugger off dung shit!"

Rustin Dean sat in his aerial cushion boat and drummed nervously with the fingers on the gearshifts. So that that the boss himself would look for Loretta and now planned Winterblum to pay a visit, he had not computed. He hoped only that the boss would not get wise to him. Crazy Will never forgets something, it went to him by the sense and he thought of the past days. At that time in Nice, he had at one single night, all money what he had to himself together-slaved away in a casino loses and the glorious idea had to get it again. The attempt to attack the money carriage of the casino and to fetch back the money to themselves he would also not have taken any more than he had lost, had failed pitifully. Of course he was got, however, instead of being arrested by the police, three crude racquet types fine-ground him bleeding to Crazy Will. No one could have anticipated that the casino hears wanting Praxton! Praxton left him only the choice between death and allegiance. So the choice had not been difficult for him. Rustin scared away the thoughts of the past. This was long. Now since a few months he lived as a gamekeeper here and had already almost forgotten Crazy Will. Till this day tomorrow, in any case. Today the events had rushed things. Rustin saw in thoughts before itself, nice Rina Malde, the village policewoman whom he met almost every day. Just now only, she had visited him to wish him glad Christmas and to ask him for a disappeared dog! He had offered a beer to her, like every time if it coming. Otherwise she had always declined. Because today Christmas is, with pleasure, she had said and he had indulged himself luck-blest. Rina would probably say
What if she knew about his past? If now she knew that he just was about to commit a new crime. Rina Malde, how completely of sound this name glided over the lips! Rustin shook off the thought of Rina Malde and tried to concentrate upon the present. His heart knocked and he listened tensely in the surroundings. Snake and Pitsch had stolen a carriage and now presumably began already a murder, so much he had learnt from Jeroen. He should search a put out woman and bring them to the property. Wanted one to push to her then a crime in Winterblum in the shoes? What would do Crazy Will if he finds out that I have deceived him. And Loretta! She dealt with honey-sweet voice same to angel him implored, what it required. And when he refused then, threatened! She would tell Crazy Will, he would have rank power to himself to them! Rustin shook the head. Loretta could give to almost just as much fear, how her father. Nevertheless, finally, he had given way and with it had thwarted Crazy Wills plan. As made easier he had been when the helicopter had not appeared! He had searched all ways and, nevertheless, had found him, finally, but now he did not dare to the helicopter to go!
Rustin horned an engine noise and looked tensely at the street. He had concealed his vehicle in the wood, so that it was to be discovered impossibly. He got out and crept around a few trees, around in him carriages sliding past to look. Because the way ended here in the lake, nothing else was left to both passengers anyway, than to turn the carriage and to drive back the distance. Rustin put on his stun gun and waited. As foreseen the carriage held at the end of the way and two people got out. Here it must be
"!.", there growled a voice, the Rustin as a Pitsch recognised.
"Snake! Pitsch!.", Rustin shouted and ducked immediately behind the tree. Pitsch was known for his trigger-happy-ness.
"Rustin.", Snake said, with a made easier sigh when he had recovered from the fright to be to become demanded out of a clear sky.
Pitsch had immediately torn his revolver from the halter and waved about with it in the air. "Frightening me never again.", he roared angrily against Rustin. finally,
Rustin dared from his hiding place and faced both men grinning. "Being this your helicopter which stands there on the icebound lake?"
Pitsch and Snake stared a little in bewilderment in the direction, in the Rustin pointed.
"On the lake?.", there gasped Snake horrified and minced with small steps in the direction of the helicopter.
"Being this a problem for you.", there growled Pitsch and pocketed the revolver halting again.
"No, rather for you.", replied Rustin and put on a concerned look."I do not know how thick the ice is!" he should break
"Why if he already since hours there stands.", Pitsch asked and proved with it a logical brain wave. now "We follow the instructions of the boss!.", he added bumptious.
Snake came back with vexed expression back-staggered and asked Pitsch to steer the distance, up to the security gate the carriages. "This the boss has ordered!.", he said with stress, as a Pitsch rather with Rustins aerial cushion boat wanted to go.
of Nobody wanted to give the start character.
"Where have her your stun guns?.", Rustin asked when he noted, finally, that they stood both with empty hands there.
Pitsch nodded in the direction of the helicopter: "There."
Snake grinned at Pitsch: "You get the guns!"
Pitsch just already wanted to refuse when a phone rang. Dear wanted to venture he on the black ice, when to speak now with the boss and fearless he made himself on the way to the helicopter which was to be recognised by the whirling snowflakes, only shadowy. Rustin and Snake looked surprised at her phones, nothing rang of both.
"This is the car phone!.", noted Snake, finally. "The damned air bag has probably activated it.", he added. Rustin looked at him questioningly and Snake declined. The phone further rang, until the caller surrendered, finally. Rustin and Snake stared in silence at the lake. finally,
after a quarter of an hour returned sweat bathed, wheezy, made easier Pitsch, with three guns and an ammunition package with numbing arrows.
"Then!.", said Rustin made easier."On it goes!" Snake and Pitsch nodded only. In silence and intently the men got down to it to obey her commands.

"Praxeda?" Robbie observed her fossilized, statuesque face which contorted every now and then with a giggling. "Praxeda?" She looked him, how by a veil in. "The most dangerous here, we are same!.", he talked further and asked himself what had probably got to her in the thoughts."Unless, you are really an agent and before the mafia on the run!.", Robbie laughed at his own image and also Praxeda pricked up the ears with his computer words. Finally,
gave them to him a smile and a clear view. "Are presumably right you! My imagination seems to be spanned at the moment a little!" you had
"What then for a frightening thought?"Robbie looked them curiously.
"I has lately heard a few stories, from the actors who have changed in strange manner oh, you forget it! Just my imagination with me sometimes burns out!" Praxeda poured out itself an iced tea and emptied the mug in a train. "Only purely hypothetically. Accepted here happens something unpredictable?.", she said and Robbie she interrupted with a smirk.
"The unpredictable factor? Then we have got closer to our film action a piece!"
"I does not find the right computer words.", started Praxeda once more."Have you maybe a bunker here?" Robbie caught in to laugh: "No! Do they believe it is to be hidden urgently in a bunker?"
you nodded hesitantly and Robbie the whole situation found tremendously funnily.
"You Calm down, Praxeda.", he said grinning."To faith you to me, the most dangerous here, we are same!" With these computer words Robbie caught in to growl and acted laughing in such a way, as if he wants to bite them.
"Seat!.", Praxeda said in the commanding tone as to a dog and joined in creaky in his laughter.
Robbie acted as if was a dog, composed itself on his hind legs, stretched his fronting paws high, panted and caught in to bark, until they curled both again laughing on the earth to themselves. They avoided having a look at it some moments, because every time if her views met, they broke out once more in laughter.
"I can even do magic!.", said Robbie after a while, convulsively troubles his twitching facial muscles to calm and went to the kitchen. Praxeda which still crouched giggling before the chimney horned him from the kitchen murmur. nevertheless,"Here he must be somewhere!" Robbie was about to examine the wastepaper basket and promoted, finally, the Advent wreath from it out which was stained merely a little bit with yoghurt leftovers. He wiped the viscous rests of the yoghurt with a culinary cloth and presented Praxeda proudly his prey. Lighted the candles and looked them beaming: "If you want, I sing to you even a carol." She nodded and her flashing eyes, seemed to him like luminous moons.
Robbie got his guitar and the cognac bottle, poked the open fire, sat down and lay down the guitar in the lap. "You over there, on the cheap places, are quiet!.", he called laughing in the space that Praxeda turned round surprised and held after the appealed look out.
A moment she had looked timid, however, as them noted the joke, she joined in his giggling.
Robbie stroked dreamily the strings of his guitar and to him seemed, he would have demanded her never before so tender tones. "I believe I know no carol!.", he occurred into his guitar play.
"Never mind!.", Praxeda said smiling and listened in to his play."This sounds, how Christmas and New Year's Eve at the same time!"
Robbie anticipated what she meant and dedicated itself blessedly smiling to the sounds. Praxeda observed him dreamily.

Stockard Darius looked over and over again surprised to Shona Fox who sat there in spite of the shaking journey in the snowy sledge, with her laptop on the knees and her Science fiction glasses on the head, and hacked unflustered in the keys. The snowy sledge leader had looked them only in amazement that they wanted afterglow to the small sports airport, however because Shona had already prewarned him and Darius waved the notes, he arose to his destiny. today
"Shuts, like in the dovecote.", the driver murmured before himself, before they got. you mean
"What with it?.", Shona immediately had, asked with a winning smile, however, the driver had twitched only the shoulders, had pocketed the money and had hidden since that time behind pertinacious silence.
Darius was glad about the fact that Shona had planned so with foresight that in the taxi for them winter clothes were ready. However, also under thick down things Darius had the feeling that he froze pathetically. "Giving it something new.", he asked Shona in a volume which drowned the noise of the engine. Shona nodded and roared back: "A lot, I say you immediately everything if this awful shake, an end has taken!"
Darius was left nothing else to look as the sullen driver over the shoulder and to try to discover some clues in this snowy hell. He was really glad that Malcolm and Kadda, ravenous his servings of the dinner had devoured! How it went for Shona, he dared not to ask at all. An endless time seemed to have passed when the snowy sledge became finally slower and, finally, before a building that Darius had only just seen, stopped.
"We are there.", the driver said scarcely, pointed to the building, waited to Shona and Darius her luggage had bundled together and had got out and drove away full speed again.
"Funny bird.", said Darius and asked itself himself what now probably might coming.
Shona wiped to themselves a few lost strands of hair from the face and contributed: "God is thanks to.", out."I already thought, I get rid of my dinner again!"
you collected her luggage and came along, by the snowy activity, on the way to the building. A door was torn open and a red-cheeked little fellow, in checked shirt, waved to them happily against. There you are
". You want in the Ed'n settlement, tune it, or am I right?.", the little man bubbled equally off."Comes in, people! Comes in fast!"
Darius and Shona followed him over-swan-formula shape in the building where they were killed at the next moment, almost by the heat. Shona pulled down to himself immediately her parka and Darius felt how the life returned in his limbs.
"There seems to be today `a party!.", the little man bubbled further and put to both a beer.
"Like they mean this?.", Shona asked and tried it again with her winning smile.
"Well, this afternoon coming from an already spades-fine lady there whom I had to do there fetch."
"Being them to high in the settlement flown?.", asked Darius amazed.
"The one, master, is too dangerously, only to aurora!"
Darius looked Shona questioningly. she cleared up
"The snowy sledge station.", him.
"Going to today, like in the dovecote.", there giggled the little man and fought laughing on the thigh.
"Commercial products even more people there.", Shona generously handled with her beaming smile.
.", However, yes, but.", he giggled."Another three fello'w in uniform. Great buggers, were looking like from the cops. Wanted also to Ed'n!"
Shona nodded: "Yes they belong to us." then
"Why it is do not together flown? nevertheless,.", asked the man, declined immediately again. make no difference "Shall me to be not bothered, as many customer's has I'll entire wintertime don't! Is how christma's, what also is!"
Shona started to drink her beer what was given by the little man with appreciative view.
"Dignity you to high in the settlement flies.", Darius asked to get closer anxious, finally, to his aim.
"The one, master, is too dangerously, only to aurora!.", he repeated grinning his saying."For all money of the world do not, would I do not trying, with the storm, because in addition-fly. Is quite difficultly to there to come. Human, one where I have only my manner's composed?" He wiped the hand in the trouser leg and passed the hand to Shona grinning."Tinka Crow is my name!"
Shona took the compulsory hand: "Shona Fox, very much pleases."
Tinka Crow passed the hand to Darius: "Stockard Darius, very much pleases!"
Shona drank a gulp of beer and smiled at Tinka Crow again fascinating: "We are already very grateful to you that you fly to us after aurora, with the storm."
"Is no problem lady, if you an sturdy stomach's hav'e.", said Tinka grinning and put the hands in the trouser pockets.
Shona worked with her laptop and had images of Vanessa Praxton on the monitor in few seconds. "Being them this?.", she asked harmlessly. Tinka nodded laughing: "Only hat'se more worn!"
"We pay to them the double if they forget that we or our people were today here and if they forget that the spades-fine lady was here, we still lay out what!.", Shona looked Tinka expectantly.
Tinka nodded laughing: "Is all right, lady! Hav'e they Henry also provided?" Shona shook the head.
Darius who did not understand from whom the speech was put his question: "They mean the sullen snowy sledge driver?" Tinka nodded again: "To The is degree the woman run away. Is also no miracle, that also drinks as an hole!"
Shona nodded understanding and drank up the rest of her beer.
"Him comes again after, because say I to him this!.", said Tinka and looked Shona joyfully."Above have which a couple harmed found, the shall still into the hospital. If you today not aloft going to, would've I they morning only got. So can henry they hereafter fetch. Thus Henry is able to do `Se after fetch."
"Should be of course not Henrys damage.", Shona and meaned Darius smiled to lay money on the table. Tinka Crow pocketed smiling the money and fixed the notes for Henry to a bulletin board.
"Is like christma's, what also is! I leave alone now you two pretty 's and watch whether the machine ready to be launched is, an pair of minute's lasts only." Tinka slipped grinning in a jacket, put on a cap and went whistling out to the blizzard.
"Want they her ale not?.", Shona asked laughing and reached for the untouched bottle of beer which for Darius on the table stood.
Darius shook the head and looked surprised at Shona, which the beer down-poured, as if it was water.
"I must give itself Dutch courage to me.", Shona cleared up him when she set down the empty bottle and belched quite unladylike."And it is impolite to leave an opened beer!" Darius gave a receipt for this with a laughter and shaking of the head. This was a side to Shona whom he did not know at all.
"Now to the facts!.", she said and looked Darius like a teacher."Our people, presumably the from the cops.", they could hardly keep back a grin: "Have just now Vanessas, or Lorettas carriages found. Since that time they have not contacted any more." Their voice accepted a serious tone: "Just has told us Tinka Crow, he should rescue injured persons." Shona faltered and her hands flew again over the keyboard of her computer."The carriage of Praxeda Empress moves again towards the country road. The phone is activated, however, nobody goes come on." She further pecked at her keyboard and the glasses which it had pushed on the parting sank again on her nose."With rose blossom it rules active activity and our people from London observe just how somebody penetrates into Praxeda Empress flat. Also with Loretta Diamond the long fingers are at work, reports our man before her flat. We have also sent somebody to Crazy to wanting, that has left just with his assistant the house." Shona pushed the glasses again in her hairline and looked Darius. Darius tried to interpret her view, could make no rhyme to himself, however, from it. "I would know with pleasure.", said Shona and drummed with her fingers above the tabletop."What is wrong to the devil here?"
Also Darius did not have the palest notion as he should make images from this whole jigsaw puzzle. Before he could answer Shona if he had then an answer, a grinning Tinka Crow coming by the door been snowing and clapped joyfully in the hands."It can come off folks!!"
Shona caught her jacket and her pockets and it had to coming all at once in a great hurry after Eden.

End of the extract. The book appeared in September, 2009 in the Schardt publishing company.

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