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Every epoch of the culture and art in the past has got a name or a name. The today's art of the present handles economically with new names. Do the artists of the present lack self-confidence of her own modern time a name to give? In all epochs the artists were their time contemporary artists. Artist of the present. If the artists from the beginning of the 3rd millennium become easy generations after us: Artists from the beginning of the 21st century call?

Prehistory of the cultural epochs: Ancestor worship and natural divinities, Paleolithic age (37.000 - 10.000 B.C.), early culture Neolithic Age and megalithic culture (10,000 - in 3000 B.C.)
Advanced civilisation (6.000 - 2.000 B.C.)
Antiquity (3,000 B.C. - in 300 A.D.)
Early Middle Ages - Middle Ages (0 - in 1300 A.D.) (Romanesque, early Gothic, high-level Gothic). Late Middle Ages (in 1250 - in 1500 A.D.)
Modern times (in 1450 - in 1899 A.D.) (Renaissance, baroque, rococo).
19 century - classicism (1770 - 1830), romanticism (1790 - 1840), Biedermeier period (1815 - 1848), historicism (1860 - 1910), realism (1855 - 1890), impressionism (1850 - 1900), (pointillism, divisionism, Macchia), postal impressionism (1880 - 1900), Art nouveau (1890 - 1910).
Modern age (1900 - 1945) - Art nouveau (1890 - 1910), expressionism (1905 - 1936), abstraction and constructivism (from 1900), cubism (1907 - 1940), futurism (in 1909-1924), Dada (1915 - 1925), surrealism (1924 - 1945), new professionalism (1920 - 1933), Art of Deco (1920 - 1940).
(1945 - 2000) - tachism / informel (1940 - 1960), Taking Povera (1958 - 1970), pop Art (1958 - 1968), fluxus (1960 - 1975), photo realism (1967 - 1975), Minimally Art (1965 - 1975), Concept Art (from 1966), land Art.
Postmodernism (from 1978) - young game - Transavantgardia, neoexpressionism (1979 - 1985), Young British Artists (1988 - 2000), Appropriation Art - pop surrealism (in 1984 - today).
21 century - Topical trends to Picture generation (1974 - 1984), neo-romantic (2000 - 2010), neo-abstract painting, Streetart, LowBrow, Neo-Concept Art.

In particular creative ingenuity seems more often together with nonconformity. Genius as an innate talent is as a condition and Reason for every real art statement (to consider in contrast to the abilities acquired with diligence of the talent).
Considering one, nevertheless, that in the research and science the biggest achievements and inventions not in the given time window, but in him, the researchers have been made to granted 10-percent clearance.

For the creativity above all such intellectual abilities which are based on divergent thinking, the thinking in different directions, without compulsion are decisive.

The conventionally established concept modern art is used mostly for the whole area of the forming arts of the 20th century, quite especially, nevertheless, for phenomena of the present art and here appropriate is mostly spoken of avant-garde art. A condition for the whole modern art, is her break with the tradition of the 19th century. The reflexion about forms of the art and basic positions substitute extensively for the creation. The viewer is incorporated about the intellect in the conceptual strategy of the artistic connections.
The effect history of the piece of art begins with the admission of a work by the contemporaries, her interpretation and evaluation. What, however, if the given parametres are inadequate for the viewer, as well as for the piece of art?

If the customary name: Now modern art only correspondent art style directions contained, is at the beginning of a new calendar, the time for a new art current ripe? Art in the ultramodern age - contemporary art. On which tracks does the present art stroll? Where does the topical art of the present steer? Why is the contemporary art self-confident so little? Where is the avant-garde of a new present art direction?

of The contemporary art the present has got lost. The art of the presence.

If artists cannot be arranged to customary forms of an already stamped style direction in the art, the time would be able have coming to set up a new art direction. We hold the time for coming. We are artists of the present. We are artists of the modern time. And we dare to give a name to our art.

welcome to the 21st century! Welcome to the 3rd millennium! Welcome in the Omnipotismus!

Omnipotismus: also Omniportismus or Optiportismus called, if is a new form of the present art.
Omnipotismus has no teachers. Omnipotismus is from the currents of the free lance autodidactism incurreded and becomes just by the freedom of apprentice teacherness dogmatism stamped.
to holds you to us for arrogant? Then now is of her Moment coming, in which you to itself own judgment or an opinion about can forming whether our art can be arranged to an already existing art direction.

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