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Day illustration project

The objective target with this project was: For the period of 2 years daily to provide an image work. We present the result to you in the form of images slideshow and film animations. Responsible version, also for smartphones and tabloids optimises. The images of this day image project contain the following work techniques, painting styles and drawing styles: Watercolour, Chinese ink, watercolour, oil paint, oil painting, gouache, acrylic, design in coloured crayon, pencil drawing, ballpoint pen drawing, Gothic, pastel chalks, oil crayons, wax spot pins, plant colours, charcoal drawing, etching, Japanese Chinese ink.

Day illustration project slide show landscape format

Image slide show landscape format drawings painting art
Day illustration project slide show upright format

Image slide show portrait drawings painting art
Video: S.F. Day illustration project
Video: S.F. Day illustration project. The day image project in chronological order with all images from 2-year project time.
Runtime: 130 min.

Welcome to the Omnipotismus Art in the ultramodern age - contemporary art. On which tracks does the contemporary art walks? Where does the topical contemporary art steer? Why is the contemporary art as little self-assertively? Where is the avant-garde of a new contemporary art direction?

of The contemporary art the present has got lost. The art of the presence.

If artists cannot be arranged to customary forms of an already characterised style direction in the art, the time would be able have coming to set up a new art school. We hold the time for coming. We are artists of the present. We are artists of the modern time. And we dare to give a name to our art.

Welcome in the 21st century! Welcome in the 3nd millennium! Welcome in the Omnipotismus!

Omnipotismus: also Omniportismus or Optiportismus called, if is a new form of the contemporary art.
Omnipotismus has no teachers. Omnipotismus is from the flows of the free lance autodidactism incurreded and becomes just by the freedom of apprentice teacherness dogmatism characterised.
to holds you to us for arrogant? Then now is of her Moment coming, in which you to itself own judgment or an opinion about can forming whether our art can be arranged to an already consisting art school.

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