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Painting courses

Beside the painting courses on which we provide craft and conversion in different forms of the painting we offer individual single seminars, in an unconventional technique developed by us.

The concept myriads ideas temple embodies the spring of the creativity of a human. Of course we can give to the spring other names. Mind, mind or even soul.
As a human being can succeed in it, his souls axis, to preserve the access on the myriads of ideas temples?
As to preserve we us the sources of the creativity, the soul, the entirety of the feeling, opinion, thinking? Nobody can live long without these sources! In the present fast time which is shaped from the global competition, acting and reacting in shortest time it is difficult for many people to remember your most characteristic resources back.
Soul painting as we mention this technique revealed to a way, a look into the own soul dare and to explore so the own, almost inscrutable depths and heights. To dive into the origin of the creativity. About the art to find out the consideration. It offers a modern way for the stress overcoming and can lead about the way of the self-discovery, self-realization and self-liberation, for the high-handedness. Take a short time-out and make yourselves be surprised.

To be artist, understand that is to abrade the rough faces of the reality so smoothly that it the whole infinity of the heights of the sky, able to reflect up to the depths of the hell is.
Arthur Schnitzler

Artist is only one which can make a riddle from a solution.
Karl Kraus

This seminar is suitable for people who would like to find out self, about the way of the art, more from themselves. To need people that of their own stereotyped behavior patterns distance and people, that of themselves, simple and easy, bored are.
Escort service to art. With support by the artist create you your own work of art and support unusual insights into your inner resources.
The seminarist creates himself his piece of art in well-chosen materials.
The seminar can take place on different places, premises, or also under free sky.
Fee after making an arrangement. Material cost for the work are contained.
Painting courses - appointment scheduling
Upon request:

"Never in a month of Sundays would've I believed, which in me a artist inserts. My sculpture; carving (aus Holz) is grandiosely became! Above-mentioned"
"I am manager in a affiliated group. Stressful; was my middle name. I have this time out comrades and a unbelievable work of art created. Now depends it in mine office. When now the stress at my door palpitates, myth I Mir, never mind, also as an artist I have a future. Before I but my profession mail would, beech I but rather another one more seminar! Thank you! S.S. "
"My husband was sour, that I money for a painting class; painting course output. But now tells he anyone that to us comes (also which, the it not at all know going to), we have a genuine Jackson Pollock on the wall. Now I am a little acidly, that he me not admits, this image painted to be having. But, with next painting class; painting course he'll be his Dali get! L.O."
"I thought genuine, I spider! My wife has me these painting class; painting course given as a present, about times disabling and the everyday life at my back to let. The employee not permanent To the nerves to go and ever so petty-minded to be. Only I thought the artists broad goes me full To the nerves. But ultimately, not a; never a; nary only small diamond on my Illustration. Looks, when would a sun rise. Was all right! And my wife is Happy. Have it her given as a present and you tells it to look like affectionately painted. Next-times bestow me your The course. H.R. "
"Soul painting. Such a dementia. My picture was looking like puked. I have still across the image Dieter written, because the me ripped off has and I rage get him had. As it at my wall It hanged, I thought it no longer all so badly. My friends I have tells, that Dieter planks the painted has. They were all enthusiastically, that planks such Paint can. Next time I write Heidi over it. T.H. "
"Also I, er, had a painting class; painting course faced. My brushwork was just as slow, as I speak. But, what the artist about me taken out has was already phenomenal. Gladly again! P.P. "

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